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Weekend Travel Inspiration - Paul Theroux


It is true!  Travel is such a good excuse.

While I am riding in the passenger seat looking at the beauty of the world, like this mountain we passed last weekend in the Dolomites, I am not doing those must-do chores at home, like washing the windows, or going through my closets.  I just keep putting it off.  I am much more interested in visiting festivals in quaint little towns, majestic views, farm animals, and people that I’ve never met before than keeping the house clean, and since I’m too busy to invite people over, no one is the wiser.

Even at home, when I probably should be folding the clothes, I talk myself into having to book that next hotel or processing some photos. I just don’t have time for the mundane; I just don’t.  My closets might be as cluttered as the stamps in my passport, and I have to admit, I just don’t care.  However, after Lori told us about her “uncluttering” I am planning on getting rid of those closets.  Yep, just empty them out and never look back.  I kind of like the idea of complete minimalism.  I like the idea of turning my living space into a hotel room.  Something easy to clean up within minutes.  I’m going to get right on doing that…as soon as I book that airline ticket for my Thanksgiving trip…

Is it just me?  I would love you other travelers to chime in here.  Am I the only one who is too busy.  Too busy to clean out the pantry, too busy to hem those pants.  Am I the only one that fills up her time in the car driving to parts unknown, or well-known, or soon to be discovered by the masses?  Am I the only one who just loves to sit on a train for hours watching the stunning landscapes rush by while my laundry bag gets heavier and heavier?  So, I’m home this weekend.  I guess I’ll go clean out my bedroom closet….but that beer spa is definitely calling my name!

What do you think?  Am I the only lazy traveler out there?

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Weekend Travel Inspiration - Paul Theroux


  1. LOL, while our home is neat, I am never going to win a domestic goddess award. Neat is good, washing walls etc ..say what! I have friends who clean out their wardrobes weekly, seriously. I am a lot like you, there are better things to spend my time on and that involves travel and coffee shops. I am what I am.

  2. I’m glad I’m not alone, my “to do” list gets bigger not shorter as I put off all the dull stuff for the fun stuff. But if only it was just because of travel, in my case it’s also organising kids’ activities, and playing taxi mum, as well as the day job. But I hear you Corinne!

  3. You’re not the only one! I do like to be organized with my work life, but my closet is such a mess and I can never seem to stay on top of the laundry. Recently I have been getting rid of one piece of clothing for each one I buy and am planning to clear out some more clothes soon.

  4. No cleaning, no fixing, no maintaining = a perfect day! That’s what I love about traveling, every one of those days is a perfect day. Of course San Diego is a great place to call home, but sometimes I’m envious of the no-maintenance lifestyle of full-time travelers. Ok, now I’m off to fix the head on the boat, that’s one chore I can’t put off any longer…!

    1. Rebecca, I’m sure there are chores, laundry comes to mind, of full-time travelers. However, not dealing with a house would be tops on my list of things not to do!

  5. Good luck with clearing out your closet Corinne, I agree that there are often more fun things to do but I don’t have space for all my clothes in one wardrobe so I had to get my Winter clothes out recently and made sure to check which clothes I wanted to give to charity before hanging the rest up

  6. I may not be quite as lazy but I am certainly thinking about travel ALL THE TIME.
    It is how I get through those mundane chores – I dream of where we shall travel next, what I should pack , what we will do. If I’m not thinking of that I am reminiscing the last trip.

  7. I also like the idea of ‘decluttering’ but only when the mess gets to some critical threshold. I’d much rather be out exploring too. Moving to a new place tends to be a great time to force the issue. We’ve managed to downsize our stuff a number of times over the years when ‘chuck it or move it’ presented an apt ultimatum.

  8. I’m quite torn on what to say here. Lol.
    Although our house looks clean and organized, I’m not really obsessed on making it look pretty. I know some people who would invest on a lot of home projects to prettify their homes and all I could think about is where they could’ve travelled with the amount of money they spent on home improvements. I would love to keep everything organized though and in order but if I have a choice of not doing any chores and traveling instead, of course the latter is more ideal as well for me. :p

  9. Couldn’t agree more! Our house is always a mess, I just cannot be bothered with housework, thank goodness hubby loves cooking so don’t have to worry about that either, will take lazy travels over active homestay anyday 🙂

  10. hahaha… I am cracking up Corinne:) Imagine my house with 2 kids… I haven’t unload our luggage from last trip; I will be unloading few days before our next trip:) LOL…

  11. Oh, I am just like you in this regards. I’m too lazy to do housework or chores, so I head out of the house instead. If I’m lucky, it’s to go on a trip. I’ve actually been making an effort lately to finally unpack my boxes after moving in A YEAR AGO. That’s why I didn’t get this weekend’s post done it time.

  12. Corinne, i am totally like you in a sense that you can rarely find me home on weekends- BUT I am a worrier and worry about things i have not done (like closets, garaje and reading with my daughter- well, that could be done in a car). I love celebrating every weekend but at the same time I (with full time work) I do find it challenging to find time to MAINTAIN and TAKE CARE of the mundane. In the US we also don’t have enough vacations and holidays. So- either i organize my life better or learn to let it go:)

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