Weekend Travel Inspiration – Orson Scott Card

Weekend Travel Inspiration - Orson Scott Card


You have to admit that one of the reasons we keep traveling is that it never ceases to surprise us.  I think that is what this quote is about.  We read up on a place.  We take notes.  We might ask some questions on Twitter, but all in all we do some research.  We’re pretty good at this, so we think we know what we’re getting ourselves into.  Well, guess what?  That’s when “Mama Travel” steps in and throws us a whammy!  I am always amazed when a place surprises me, either in a good or a not-so-good way.

Travel does it to me all the time.  I’m strolling along, and boom!  Out of nowhere something fantastic happens, something memorable.  It happens all the time.  I love it!  I love that travel is not as predictable and we might like to think.

Read on for a number of times that we were surprised in our travels!

Eyüp – A Cultural Glimpse

Orhei Veichi, The Sight to Go to in Moldova

The Top 7 Things to do in Stavanger, Norway

Durian – Stinky Fruit or Must-have Delicacy?

Labuk Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary

36 Hours in Brunei

Basking in the Blue Lagoon

Day Trippin’ Montenegro 

When have your travels surprised you?

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  1. Hi Corinne, so true about the unpredictability that travel brings. As much as you read up and research on a destination, you can never be prepared for the surprises that await. I like that we go to one place for one reason and then we get rewarded by something unexpected like charming local scenes and encounters, just like your cultural experience in Eyup. I love travels! Thank you for the travel inspiration!

  2. That’s a great quote from Orson Scott Card! I’ve never read it unless it was in Ender’s Game and I don’t recall it. BTW that was a great book!

    Thanks for hosting #wkendtravelinspiration


  3. I love it when travel surprises and would be disappointed if it didn’t. No matter how much you research and prepare for a destination, there’s always stuff you don’t expect which makes it so inspiring. I’ve linked up an oldie today but updated for 2015 as it’s topical right now. I’m starting a new monthly linkup next week #AllAbout France which I hope you might join in with Corinne. Any old post about France is welcome. I’ll tweet you a link and reminder.

  4. I’ve added your Montenegro post to my Evernote file for our upcoming trip to Croatia. I love the surprise aspect of travel and suspect it is what keeps us coming back for more, and more…

  5. I really liked that quote, Corinne and to me personally I also took on an interpretation of “baby steps” an reprogramming of the mind. Ironically, something that really hits home right now so this was ironic timing to read. I hope you are having a great day and looking forward to your next adventure! 🙂

  6. The more I travel, the harder it is to be surprised. Sometimes I get a bit jaded and start thinking that the magic is lost… and then something surprises me again, and we keep going. Thanks Corinne!

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