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Weekend Travel Inspiration - Orhan Pamuk

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Too right!

Whenever Jim and I have a few unplanned moments, our first inclination is to get into the car and drive.  We don’t have to have a destination in mind.  We don’t have to be going to a restaurant or museum or even somewhere to take photos.  We just go.  In fact, this is exactly how our relationship started, all those years ago.

We were both living in dorms.  Sound familiar?  And when you are living in a dorm situation, you feel kind of trapped, and everyone knows your every move.  The only way to get out and be on our own was to get in the car and drive.  This we did, every weekend for hours and hours and hours.

Move on a few years, and we’re married and have two little girls.  Our girls will tell you that they grew up in the car.  It’s true.  Even when they were little, to get away…from the phone, the laundry, the TV, life….we drove.  It gave us the opportunity to have quiet, intimate conversations.  We would talk, drive, photograph, all day long.  By happenstance, it taught our children how important communication was, how important listening was.  I’m not sure that even during their lifetimes of Internet, email, and an over abundance of stimulation, that this would have been as natural to them if we had stayed home.

So we drive. And talk.  And then!  We end up at some fantastic new places, some planned and many unplanned.  It’s so addictive.  Today, all I have to do is get into the car and immediately my stress level is reduced.  It’s the “getting away from it all” feeling that is often married to the novelty of finding someplace new that gets me every time!

Do you love to drive?






























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  1. Love the quote and the photo of Andorra. I have mixed feelings about driving. Being in the car doesn’t reduce my stress level like it does you, but I love that we can stop at so many interesting spots when we drive.

  2. I firmly believe no one has ever laid on their deathbed and thought, I wish I’d done more housework. I am always happy to ditch weekend chores to go out and do something. A road trip, a staycation activity — anything but laundry!

    1. Eileen, Too right! I’ve never worried about the house too much. I would much rather spend my time with the family, in or out of the car, doing something fun! Happy trails!

  3. Funnily enough I’ve linked a recent post about a road trip today and right now as I type I’m in Bologna having popped away for the weekend, by road! And even more coincidentally we nearly went to Andorra for the weekend but decided that 4.5 hours in the car was more reasonable for the kids (who might well feel they live in the car too) than the 7 hours to Andorra. So you can see that we love getting away in the car and do so often!

  4. Hi Corinne, that ‘s such a beautiful thing to share. I hope a lot of family will do that to connect and to leave the buzz of technology even for a bit. Being from a big city, my husband and I enjoy a drive to the countryside. Sitting in the car, listening to the music and looking out at the bucolic scenes quiet our mind. We like taking long train rides as well for the same effect.
    P.s. I love that photo of Andorra. Such a beautiful scenery. I’d love to go one day.

    1. Marisol, Andorra is a stunning little country. You would love it. So many of my students tell me they hate to ride in the car even with their electronics. I think sometimes parents expect them not to enjoy the ride and get nervous or over-compensate for it with technology, but I hope this is not the rule!

  5. I agree. We love to get in the car and discover new places. Even though the drive is long, I don’t feel it at all because of all the talking, singing and laughing. To me,marriages grow stronger when memories are built together.

  6. I love Gordon to drive me to new, exciting and unexpected places. Though I drive, I don’t particularly like it. It is a means of getting from A to B. Similarly a car is just a vehicle to get me places. However, the concept of the serendipitous moments resonates with me.

    1. Paula, Oh…when I say I drive…I really mean Jim drives. I like the riding part. The act of driving is okay, but it’s the going “somewhere” that is appealing!

  7. How I adore road trips. Excellent idea for a link up this week! Road trips = car therapy 🙂 Just get in and start talking.

  8. I love road tripping vacations. it gives you such a great sense of freedom (at least as a passenger:) I am not sure I would be able to go anywhere unplanned or unmapped; but at least I know in a car it is possible:)

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