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Travel Inspiration New See Isn’t that just what travel does for you?  It opens our eyes and our minds to new definitions, new traditions, new appreciation.  One place that really opened my eyes was India.  I’ve never experienced so many poor people.  The kicker was, they were happy with next to nothing.  If they were fed and healthy, they were happy.  It really makes you think, doesn’t it? Here’s a few of my India photos.  What do you think? Portrait of an Indian Woman, Portrait of an Indian Man, Indian Water Women, Courtyard in India, World Heritage Site – Taj Mahal

Weekend Travel Inspiration

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Weekend Travel Inspiration

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  1. Beautiful photo, Corinne and even better inspiring words to live by. Love that quote and it is so true especially when traveling to third world countries. It gives one a whole perspective of how others live and cope. And you’re so right that they’re happy with what little they have. It’s an amazing world!

  2. Hi Corinne, one of the precious things I have learned from my travels is that you can’t equate poverty with unhappiness and that the happiest people I’ve met are those who have less. India indeed is a big eye opener for me as well. I love your images of India, especially the portrait of the old lady and the women in Rajasthan.

  3. I know what you mean by new appreciation. Things haven’t been going smoothly on the homefront lately. Nothing completely bad — just normal parenting bumpiness. Anyways, it has me thinking back to our time visiting Cambodia and how I really need to gain some perspective on my troubles versus those of others.

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