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Travel Inspiration List

This is one of my favorite quotes ever, because I find myself adding to my list every time I read another post.

What’s on my list?  There are some epic places, hard to get to, lesser known, but overall I just want to go back and fill in some holes in some awesome places.

Here are some of the places I want to go that I’ve never even come close to before:


The Stans!  All of them: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and even Afganistan.

More of Eastern Europe to include:  Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Slovakia, Romania, Belarus, Ukraine, Albania, Serbia, Georgia, Macedonia, Armenia…and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some key ones!

Much of what I want to do is revisit some places and see things that I missed the first time around.  Here are some examples:

Russia – Lake Baikal

China – The backcountry, Longman Grottoes, Inner Mongolia

Greece – Island hopping, like to Santorini

More of Africa – The Serengeti Migration

More of Asia!  Lots More!

Do you feel that the more you see, the more places you’ve been, the more you still need to see? I do!  It seems my list grows and grows and grows.

What’s on your list?

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  1. I am always adding to my list too. We are just back from adding a new country and week without internet access. I added it to your link, as you didn’t have Samoa on your list, but maybe I could inspire you with some of my latest photos.

  2. I used to work at a travel agency and our wish list conversation was a popular one. It soon, in order to keep it short and to the point, became a list of where would we least want to travel to. Which is such a funny concept to people who “haven’t traveled everywhere, but it’s on my list”. I finally settled on one of the caribbean islands (i won’t mention which because I don’t want a big backlash) with the feeling that they’re small and there’s so many that maybe missing one won’t be too big of a deal.

    I’m big on return visits, too, so my wish list rarely gets smaller. In fact, we have family visiting us again tomorrow (my folks just went back last Wednesday) and we’re only doing repeat visits.

    1. Ann, I think that is hilarious that you also talked about where you didn’t want to go. I haven’t been to any of the Caribbean Islands, so I have a lot to do in that regard. Have fun with your family!

    1. Noel, I know! My list is ridiculous, just ridiculous! Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up on Weekend Travel Inspiration. Hope to see you again!

  3. Oooh fun Corinne, a new link up to follow! I need to get writing so I have some new material to link. Yes, I feel the more I see and explore the more I want to add to my list. Seeing such enticing pictures and reading posts from fellow travelers always keeps my wish list full as well.

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