Weekend Travel Inspiration – Lin Yutang

Weekend Travel Inspiration - Lin Yutang

Travel is all fun! You go to relieve your stress, take a vacation, right? We book trips, like the one I’m currently on…a train trip through Eastern Europe with hopes of not only seeing, eating, experiencing new things, but also hopefully to relax. How come we never really think of the actual travel bit as just a tiny bit strenuous?

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Train travel is slow. You can enjoy the pastoral view out of the huge windows. You don’t have to go through airport security or find parking for you car. It’s so easy. This is absolutely true, but what about waiting for late trains with no place to sit down and the announcement board area closing in around you as more people await the same information you are waiting for, your platform number. When it does pop up, you are fighting all those people to get up the steps (with your luggage) and find a seat. We did, but others were not so lucky. Can you imagine standing, or worse, squatting the entire 2 and a half hours?

Minutes later, however, you are seated. You kick off your shoes; you have a table to use your iPad, and you are happy. You are happier still when you look out the window and see the rolling hills, rivers, and even some wildlife. It’s quiet in the car, and you could take a nap, but soon you’ll be in a brand new city to explore so instead you sit, people watch, and wait with anticipation

After the trip is over, on the way home you start to reminisce about all the things you’ve done for the first time. You try to think of how you are going to replicate that dish you tried the other night and yes, start planning your next adventure. Even though upon arrival, you have to slug your baggage around one more time, and you get home late, and you are so tired, all you can do is think what a wonderful time you’ve had, and when can you do it again?

How about you?  Is it all fun or do you truly remember the irritants that travel inherently features from time to time?


Weekend Travel Inspiration - Lin Yutang









































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  1. I definitely view our holidays through rose coloured glasses – even the not so good bits seem fun in retrospect. For ages later my sentences begin with “do you remember in…”

  2. The bumps in the road do cause frustration and irritation, but usually with the perspective of time and an ability to see the humorous side of things, they make the best and usually the funniest travel stories.

  3. I know there have been bumps along the road, but I can’t remember them at all. I am always planning the next and the next trip because I love going to new places, and even old ones, and seeing new and different things.

  4. I totally get this! Travel is about adventure. I get to think about all the crazy stuff that has happened to me during my travels (I didn’t feel that great when they happened). But, like you said, I will do it all over again (with the highs and lows).

  5. I remember all the big problems I’ve had traveling but tend to forget all the minor irritants. It’s still all worth it to me! And I love the photo you used with the travel inspiration quote!

  6. Even bad experiences seem interesting or funny in retrospect – I think as soon as the worry about the outcome is removed and you know everything turned out ok in the end.

  7. Whilst I like to reflect on the great times of my travels. It is the things that went wrong that become the great travel stories.
    When I was backpacking around Europe with my girlfriend she got appendicitis. 20 years later we are still telling stories of all the issues we encounted

    1. Sally, Exactly! As I begin to launch into one of my favorite mishaps, I have to lead out with, “Stop me if I’ve told you this already.” That’ how it is with travel blunders!

  8. I think it depends somewhat on one’s own disposition. I tend not to dwell on negative aspects of most anything so most all of my travel memories are good ones. There are few things that seemed like disasters at the time which are now funny stories and lessons learned, but the minor irritants are quickly forgotten. Much like life in general.

  9. A very timely quote as I’ve just returned home from a few weeks of travel and am enjoying sleeping in my own bed as well as not having to go through the family negotiations of who will share beds at each new lodging. I tend to remember the good points and turn the irritating parts into a funny story.

  10. I know very little about Eurorail, but I thought the seats were reserved? I was surprised to read that people stand on the train. When we took it in Morocco, we sat in the first class cars, as we heard there are always standing room passengers in the other compartments, but I thought Europe was different. Glad you got a seat and are having a wonderful time.

    1. Rhonda, You can and maybe should reserve seats, but it is not imperative on all trains. In Eastern Europe many of the trains do not get full in first class so it’s not a problem.

  11. Sooo, true. Travelling is hard work and exhausting and train travel is its own special animal. You really cannot be in a hurry. Hahahhaa.

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