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Weekend Travel Inspiration Libba Bray

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At this point in my travels, I don’t “hope” I’m going to see something stunningly beautiful no matter where I go, I “Know” I will.  Looking through magazines and books, trolling the Internet, doing a bit of research before we head somewhere, we tend to build up certain expectations.  This is perhaps the biggest reason that I don’t do much research anymore.  I like crossing the border with as few expectations as possible, and the world never disappoints.

No matter where I go, I am always gobsmacked at least once, but often multiple times by the absolute beauty this world has to offer.  It’s not just the magnificence of the landscapes, but it’s many times catching a moment such as: the beauty of a mother and child walking hand in hand, a boy playing ball with his dog in the park, or an amazing meal at an outdoor cafe.  This is what keeps me going.

Here are a few posts I’ve done where I’ve been completely wow’d!  Which one is your favorite?

The Stunning Cascades of Plitvice National Park

Marabout in Monastir (Tunisia)

Day Trippin’ Montenegro

From Farm to Table – Gruyere Cheese

The Stunning Landscapes of the Far-flung Faroes

Lindos if for Tourists

What keeps you going?


























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  1. I think we could totally travel together. People so often don’t believe me when I say I don’t really have a plan, and like you, I am rarely disappointed. Great quote. I am glad to be part of the team.

    1. Rhonda, It is a great team. I used to be more of a planner, but I’ve found that even though sometimes I would have liked to plan a little more, more often I find that I don’t build up expectations. I just wander. But! I think that after traveling for years and years, I’ve changed the way I do it many times as well. Hopefully our paths will cross one of these days!

  2. Brilliant quote for the week.
    I like to plan but don’t always have the time. If I’m going a long way to somewhere I might not get back to, I like to have a short list of things I don’t want to miss and an idea of where to wander. Like you, I love to wander, but I often need a prompt to find a good area, a bit off the beaten track if I can.
    My inspiration this week is here: http://travelwithintent.com/2015/03/06/pebbles-ruin-sunset-brighton-beach/

  3. I dearly want to see Plitvice National Park one day. So stunning! But thus far, Montenegro is my favorite. Such a brilliantly beautiful place. 🙂

  4. I usually plan a bare minimum and then wander and I totally agree with you about gobsmacking moments at Plitivice and Montenegro. Thanks for hosting this great link-up Corinne.

  5. Depending on where we’re going dictates whether or not we’ll make a plan. We are currently in Prague and I had no expectations or plans coming in. We reserved an apartment, and that was it. The rest we’ve just let flow over us each day. We love to wander aimlessly, turn a corner and say, “Wow, look at that!” especially when it comes to European architecture. There are times though when we do have to make a plan, mostly to ensure we stay on track because as well all know it’s easy to get caught up in the moment.

  6. At some point, I realized that I was researching trips too much. I’d know what something would look like from every angle before I ever arrived, and it somehow diminished the magic of witnessing it firsthand it on site. I’ve been trying to scale back. On the other hand, I’d be sad if I found out afterwards that I’d missed something wonderful — like your post about Gruyere cheese.

  7. I love being gobsmacked but the things that I see, and I am constantly. It is like a child like wonder and enthusiasm to see different things, so I agree with you totally.

  8. Oh Corinne, I’m just like you. I don’t really research because I’m lazy. I’ve got nothing against it, just don’t do it. Some say I end up missing great stuff, but I’m grateful for the unexpected surprises I get along the way!

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