Weekend Travel Inspiration – By Foot

Travel Inspiration by foot

Traveling, touring, as we know much of this is done by foot, by walking…it’s the best way.  Here are a few places we’ve walked that we just had a fantastic time.  Read on!

A Walk Through Pancake Rocks

Troy – The World Heritage Site that Almost Wasn’t

Gardens By the Bay – Singapore

Lugo Roman Wall – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka

Instagramming the Berlin Wall

The Amazing Fishing Boats of Marsaxlokk

The Stunning Cascades of Croatia’s First National Park


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Weekend Travel Inspiration


  1. The traveling by foot part…it also made me think of being a passenger in a vehicle with a girlfriend a couple of weeks ago when we went to lunch. I was able to sit back and see things that I had never seen before…even right next to my place of work! Good post, Corinne 🙂

  2. I love Spain so I could not resist looking at your roman walls in Lugo post. The church was such a gorgeous pale cornflower blue – I did not recognize it as blue when I first glanced. I love the thought of walking those walls.

  3. Rachel, I agree and I’m sure with your line of work it’s imperative! Once we were on a guided hike and the guide was amazed at how many things we pointed out, because we just love it all.

  4. Depending on where we are, we do like to walk. We did several short hikes in Samoa, but I chose to link up our driving our around exploration around the island.

  5. I agree, walking allows you to see things that you can never ever plan. It is the simple things that I find intriguing like people doing their laundry or gardening. Of course walking around a corner and seeing the Pantheon in front of me is not bad either.

  6. I totally agree – the best way to explore anywhere new is by foot. My favorite way to learn a new city is to just wander around the streets and get completely lost. Luckily I’ve always been able to find my way back! Lol

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