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Weekend Travel Inspiration - Edith Wharton

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I love Paris!  

I am sick to my stomach as I wake up this morning and see the tragic news about gunmen killings in a city I love.  And it’s not just Paris, terrorist attacks have happened all over the world.  It’ tragic; it’s scary.

Unfortunately we live in a world that at times is full of violence, war, and yes, terrorism.  However, I hope that doesn’t paralyze people into not traveling.  These types of attacks leave a scar on the city, the country, and it’s difficult to recuperate from them.  Will people stop traveling to Paris?  No.  But will they come in the same amounts as before.  No.

As the quote says, people are good.  Everywhere.  Period.  That’s it.  People are good.  Yes, there are fanatics, zealots, people who do terrible things, but they are far from the majority.  They are a fraction of our population, a tiny fraction. (For more great travel quotes, check out these 56!)

My hope is that you will not be scared to go to Paris, or to other places that have come under attack, like Tunisia or Turkey or even the United States.  Is it important to be aware of your surroundings?  Yes.  Is it important to pay attention to the news so you know where the hot spots may be? Yes.  But should that stop us from discovering our wonderful world or celebrating its people?  No.

On this cold, dreary November morning  I hope that you will continue to dream, to go, to discover, and to explore our globe.

Where would you like to go this weekend?



Weekend Travel Inspiration - Edith Wharton



  1. I agree. It is unfortunate that Homo (sometimes not so) sapiens appears to be the only species on earth that is susceptible to the mental illness of religious fanaticism. Sadly the condition is often incurable, sometimes fatal and prevents the afflicted from enjoying life, feeling empathy for others and blinds them to the beauty of our planet.

  2. I think that one thing travel has taught me is that people and places are resilient. Paris has gone through hard times before from the French Revolution to World Wars. They’ve bounced back before, and I’m certain they will heal again.

  3. I like to think that most people are good people, and time and time again I have been proven correct. Unfortunately there are a minority that are not as we have tragically seen in Paris and many other places.

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