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Weekend Travel Inspiration - Doug Mack


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When I read this quote, it just made me giggle.  For some reason, American travelers have to fight this bad reputation.  Why is it the world thinks Americans don’t know how to travel?  There are many Americans that even claim to be Canadian.  Why?  I find it perplexing that we have somehow made the world think that we are at best inept travelers.  Can anyone shed some light on this?  What has been your experience?

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  1. No matter where we go we always seem to be able to identify American travellers. They wear a uniform – baseball caps, comfortable shoes and, for the women, slacks. Of course there may be dozens of other American tourists not wearing the uniform who we don’t identify. Can I just say, inept or not, you are always welcome in my home city of Sydney, Australia. you are universally well-mannered, polite and friendly – be happy with that.

  2. That’s such a funny quote. American’s do have a reputation, but then so do Brits, French, Germans, Aussies, just different ones. And funnily enough my son put on white socks today with black jeans and dark shoes so I suggested (strongly) that he go and change! No way was he wearing white socks when not playing sport!! Glad to see you still have a stock of lovely French posts to link up to #AllAboutFrance again (next one 2 April!)

    1. Phoebe, I knew that would be your first thought…no worries…more French posts in work as well. Love that you made your son change his socks…that cracks me up!

  3. Ha! Ha! There maybe some truth to it in the past about Americans being funny “tourists.” But I believed that great number of Americans have evolved into real, seasoned travelers. It’s just like how Chinese are being made fun of now for being inept travelers. Someday they too will evolve.
    One funny American travel story I had from the late 1990’s. I was traveling in London during U.S.Thanksgiving weekend. There were couple of American families staying at my hotel. They were terribly upset and couldn’t understand why no single restaurants were offering Thanksgiving dinner. They kept asking the staff ‘Are you sure, are you sure there’s no turkey in London for Thanksgiving?” I tried to explain to some of them that it was an American holiday and not observed elsewhere. They looked at me like I just came from the moon.

    1. Marisol, Hilarious! Who wants to go to a hotel for Thanksgiving anyway? I am usually traveling on it, but I always have a traditional meal sometime that month! It is important!

  4. France is great, and it’s been a while since I’ve been. Not sure what it is about *some* Americans that travel, but there’s definitely something. We met some Americans in Vegas once who were staying in the New York – and they chose it because, yep you’ve guessed it they lived in New York. Erm… it did make us smile anyway 🙂

  5. This made me laugh too! And feel guilty because here’s a terrible confession: I used to be prejudiced against Americans, based on the tourists we met over here who often seemed too loud and not very sensitive to the local way of doing things. I remember the first time I met some “real” Americans – I was astonished that they seemed just like us. Before you hate me totally, I will point out that this was over 30 years ago and I know much better now. Since then, I have met so many lovely Americans both at home and in the US – but occasionally still come across the loud ones. Usually they are part of a big tour or have just come off a cruise ship. So my theory is, 30 years ago they were the only people who could afford to travel and now they are in a minority. And if it’s any consolation, I know we British have a terrible reputation in many places, for similar reasons. Corinne, we’ll just have to keep travelling and bust the national stereotypes as we go!

    Sorry, that turned into an essay…..

  6. You are right. American tourists as a total group are not particularly liked. Like any other nationality we have met our good and our bad. An example: we were doing a Paris by night walking tour with a small group, led by a local Parisian. She gathered the 6 of us around her and asked, “What do you notice about Paris at night?” Th answer was supposed to be the light. However, we received a tirade from the American couple that Starbuck close at 8pm. Like seriously … that didn’t help the cause.

  7. Funny quote:) I think it is often true you can guess when someone is a tourist in a place but it is definitely not specific to Americans. I love when I get mistaken as a local when traveling, but I also often get asked where I am visiting from while in SF since I visit so many tourist spots:)

  8. Too funny! Every nationality secretly doesn’t want to be recognized while travelling – Nick and I speak Italian around Ensglish-speakers, and English around Italians! True story!

  9. That made me laugh too. 🙂 I’m not sure why Americans stand out so much, but I always grin when I come across particularly brash ones in my travels. You can spot them a mile away. 🙂

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