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Weekend Travel Inspiration - Donald Ritchie

I love Japan.  I lived there for three years when my daughters were teenagers, and what fun we had.  I love to think of the above quote with Japan being an old time friend that I can only visit every few years, but then as only old friends do, we quickly become reacquainted and have the time of our lives.

Jim and I are heading to Japan for our winter break from school where we will meet up with both daughters and do a road trip from Tokyo as far south as Hiroshima, then over to the island of Shikoku and back.  We will visit some of Japan’s prettiest landscapes, as well as world heritage sites, castles, and some little quirky sites along the way.

One thing old friends do is share meals, and we can’t wait to dive into some new dishes and some old favorites. We plan on indulging on some of my favorite things like green tea, yakitori (who doesn’t love meat on a stick), and as much sushi as I can cram in on a two week trip!

Have you been to Japan?  Any recommendations?

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Weekend Travel Inspiration - Donald Ritchie






































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    1. Suze, You absolutely must! I love, love, love cherry blossom time. Devon, my daughter, wrote a post on it and it just talks about the overall ambiance of the season. It’s really a wonderful time.

  1. Eileen, Tokyo is one big city, but it is friendly. I think you would like it. In saying that, though, as you know we only do big cities for a couple of days and hit the back country. We are also doing that on this trip!

  2. A lot of travelers I know has Japan as their favorite destination in the world – they are all raving about the culture, the sights and the food. It has made me curious for a very long time and hopefully I’d be able to visit it soon. 🙂

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