Weekend Travel Inspiration – Dick Clark

Travel Inspiration Dick Clark

Unfortunately jet lag is something we all get no matter how long we’ve traveled.  This summer alone, I’m taking at least four airplane rides.  Crossing the Atlantic can be a real bummer, but the rewards are worth it.  There are other ways to travel: trains, cars, hiking, biking, horse cart…read below about some of our other modes of transportation.

Best Way to Cruise Alaska?  The Alaska Marine Highway

Hong Kong Taxi Versus Me!

How We Rode the Stena Line to Gothenburg on a Whim

Driving Israel

Who Are You as a World Traveler?

Photo Art – Train of Yesteryear

Photo – Belgian Bicycles

Photo – The Jeepney – Philippines


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 Weekend Travel Inspiration

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Weekend Travel Inspiration


    1. Jessica, I definitely get it, but usually only when I fly west. So that means I have it to look forward to in July when I fly from the States back to Europe!

  1. I am inspired by my daughters photos, I want to go back to so many of the places we have been, and visit new ones with her and her camera. I linked her latest up to your hop.

    1. Rhonda, I love traveling with my daughters, and I love hearing their takes on things as well as see what they capture in their cameras. I think Sarah’s photography is really good and hope she keeps it up!

  2. Thanks Corinne love the idea! I’m not an outright travel blogger but document my globe-trotting with other topics. I’ve linked up thru the website field 😉 Amen on DC’s quote; I’ve done New Jersey to SE Asia 5 times, with a 12-13 hour time difference each time, and I manage 🙂

    1. Rachel! Yay! Congratulations. I’m so excited for you! I know you are going to have a wonderful time. Please let me know your thoughts as a “first-timer” when you get back. Maybe you can even do a guest post about it! Bon Voyage!

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