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Travel Inspiration Sympathy

For me, this means that I see how other people live around our Earth, and it helps me appreciate my life and how lucky I am.  Amazingly I have noticed that just because I may not want to live the way many of these people do shepherding, hauling water, living in mud houses, often without electricity…that they are still happy.

Here are a few posts that highlight the different lifestyles I’ve come across in my travels.  Happy Reading!

 Sheep’s Milk – mmmm Good!

Tunisia Olives

Turkish Roses – Helping to Harvest

 Driving Malaysia

Mud Hut in Tibet

Mud Hut Village in Botswana

Makoro Folk

Indian Water Women


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  1. Rachel, When I travel in those countries we’ve labeled as third-world, I always see people smiling! More smiles than in the U.S. That tells me something.

  2. Hi Corrine and Jim, this is great! I love your photo, you know me, I’m crazy for a passing flock of sheep! I just linked up with you, thanks so much for doing this! ♥♥♥ ;^)

  3. Very true, seeing how people live and more importantly learning about it by talking to people and spending time with them is one of the true benefits of travel. It’s also one of the things I really missed while staying at a resort. I linked up my post as we drove around the island getting a better glimpse of real life in Samoa. Where is your photo – could be NZ.

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