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Weekend Travel Inspiration Charles Dickens

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Some things travelers don’t talk much about.  They don’t talk about the endless hours waiting, waiting at the airport, in the customs line, at a train ticket vendor.  They don’t talk about seeing too much trash on the side of the road, or feeling awkward when the local you are trying to ask directions from looks at you with a helpless shrug.  We accept these little inconveniences, awkward moments, feelings of frustration, because we expect them to happen.  We almost long for them to happen.  It’s an integral part of what we want to do…explore and have new experiences.

Then we move on.  Either we’re on our way to a new place or we go back home and back to work.  We find ourselves longing for the bumpy crowded chicken buses, the pushing and shoving of the metro, trying to buy tickets or food or you name it.  As we sit and think back to the beggars looking in the windows, the road kill kangaroos on the side of the road, all the unpleasantness that you’ve recently seen, it all seems to go away.

All you can remember is the taste of that raspberry soufflé, the look as the sun sank into the Mediterranean, the chuckle of the waiter as he set that free çay in front of you.  You only see the gorgeous baroque trim on the rooftops, the flowers in the old horse cart, the tumbling down stones of that last castle.  We immediately remember all the good times, good food, good traveling.  We forget the rest.

…and that is why we go back to do it again and again and again!

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  1. I had to read the quote twice and think about it, but it really is true. Maybe that’s what separates those of us who love travel, with those who don’t understand why we do it. Maybe they can’t leave it behind when they move on. Wonderful weekend travel inspiration.

  2. Great quote. Perfect, really. I think we do exercise much forgetting and forgiving when we travel, but often we hold on to the negativity when we’ve been cheated or wronged. It’s tough. People make the place. As a result, I think you will remember kindness, always. How you were treated – now that’s a lasting impact.

  3. Couldn’t agree more! It’s amazing how you forget the dreary waiting around, the bad things, the weariness, the jetlag, and all you remember are the wonderful memories and the urge to travel again 🙂

  4. You are so right. If I thought about the bad stuff, I might never travel again…haha. Not really! The good stuff definitely out weighs the (mostly) minor inconveniences.

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