Weekend Travel Inspiration – Carson McCullers

Weekend Travel Inspiration - Carson McCullers


Travel is such a fickle beast.  For people like me, I want it all the time.  When I’m not traveling, I’m dreaming about it,  reading blogs, making a list of all the places I want to go and things I want to see and do.  I look forward to my next precious chunk of time when I can pack a bag, dust off the old passport and head out to some unknown spot.

I’m extremely lucky to live in central Europe where crossing a border means nothing more than a blip on the GPS.  There’s no stopping and no stamping needed.  Getting on a plane from Germany to Spain is no different than getting on one from Phoenix to New York.  You don’t need anything more than an identification card, no passport required. So we go all over Europe.  The towns and cities are quaint.  The architecture is beautiful.  The food is delectable.  Europe never disappoints, yet I yearn.  I yearn for the more exotic destinations.  Already, I can only speak a spattering of European languages well enough to order a beer, so just not speaking the local language is not exotic enough.  I need to be in a different climate, a different culture, with a different look, feel, and taste.

Then I go to this new and foreign locale and what happens?  I’m happy for a time, but then I miss my pillow, my version of an American breakfast, my family, my friends, my life back home.  I don’t miss it enough to not want to travel or to head back home, but enough to think about it, maybe mention it at the hotel breakfast.  It creeps in and eventually takes hold.   It is a part of travel, the little nagging feeling of the familiar.

I can’t deny it.  I can’t deny that I love my own food and surroundings as much as I love traveling to the most far-flung, out of the way places I can reach as often as I can manage it.  It’s a paradox of emotions.  When I’m home, I want to travel.  When I’m traveling, I do miss my home.  Either way you can call it a homesickness for the other.

How about you?  Do these nagging feelings sound familiar?

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Weekend Travel Inspiration - Carson McCullers


  1. Sort of yes and sort of no for me. I think when I am with Gordon that is home (don’t throw up) despite the fact that I could strangle him sometimes. I am very much in the mode that when I come home, and I do love it, but then I think of all of the places I would like to go. For us, living so far away, I think that renting a place in Europe for a number of months each year, where we have said home base, might be a good idea. Probably next to a ryanair base and a train station

  2. I think this one applies to me. Like you mentioned, by living in the United States you have the flexibility to move around and visit a lot of different places (and those places are great). But, then you think about Asia or South America and you earn to do there. And then, when you decide to go far, you start to miss home after a while. It is kind of weird but when that happens I try to focus on the moment and enjoy what I am experiencing at that time.

  3. I have a feeling I will be experiencing the same once I move to and get settled in Europe , especially since we plan to live in the UK as the culture is not super exotic compared to living in the U.S. But I am also excited to have so much more time to explore more of Europe as I’ve never been for more than 3 or 4 weeks at a time.

  4. Hi,
    This is my first week jinging in to your travel weekend inspiration.
    I am having trouble with your link for your badge, the image is not loading up in my text widget. So sorry at this stage I have not been able to add to my site.

  5. I am so envious of anyone living in Europe, so many different cultures, the architect, the accents… and then there is me in Australia, so very far away. Working fulltime to pay for our holidays of a lifetime once a year makes me wonder if there is another way of seeing the world. But for now this is our life. We too spend our time dreaming, planning, reading, researching, but as long as we are together that is home.

  6. When it comes to travel, we are in the same boat Corinne. I was reading your post and thinking “that’s me, that’s how I feel too.” You are indeed lucky to live so close to all these beautiful European countries. When I used to live in Europe the Communists didn’t let me travel anywhere outside Romania, so now I have to travel thousands of mile to see places I could have seen so easily when I lived there.

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