Weekend Travel Inspiration – Carew Papritz

Weekend Travel Inspiration - Carew Papritz


Isn’t it the truth?!

It never ceases to amaze me when I’m on a trip, or recently returned, and I think that I’ve done a great job learning about the country.  I’ve explored it, eaten in it, talked with locals, and done as much as I possibly could in my allotted time.  Then….wham!  Someone says, “Oh, Did you go to fill-in-the-blank?”  What?  I missed something. Something good enough that you are now telling me about it, only a few hours after my return?!  Damn!

And even if it’s not in that country, someone likens it to something else, a must-see here or there…everywhere!  Yes, that list never stops getting longer and longer.  In some ways, I love it.  In some ways it’s the bane of my existence.  Even though there are so many awesome spots in this world that I just adore and want to return over and over again, I do like getting to brand new places as well.  Doesn’t everybody?

Here are some posts you may have missed, but they are all about places that were never in a guidebook, or at least my guidebook and we just happened across them.  Have you been to any of them?

The Killer Trek to the Buddha of Health 

Kreuzberg – The Mountain and The Monastery

The Phriggin’ Phrygians

A Shumen and a Horseman

Rock Hounding in Montana

The Famous Chocolate Balls of Jan de Groot

The “Should Be” World Heritage Site – Cyprus

Orhei Veichi, The Site to Go to in Moldova

Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Etang de Montady in Southern France

Getting to Know Oklahoma

Alahan, The Monastery in the Sky

What gems have you stumbled upon that you didn’t find in your guidebook?

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Weekend Travel Inspiration


  1. I sort of agree but sort of don’t. There is no way you can see everything, nor should you try. It is more that we each see and discover different things that add to the our picture and thoughts of the country. Maybe someone else’s discoveries just add to our impressions. There are so many places I have to return to, and so many I am yet to discover that it does become a dilemma. And not such a bad dilemma really 🙂

  2. I’ve not found or visited those places you mention Corinne, but I do know what you mean. I usually find out about something when I have returned from the Country and am blogging about it. I am continually blown away and tell Marty how we missed such and such. He pragmatically says – you can’t see everything. I know… but!

  3. Gee Corinne, those posts of yours just confirmed how much much more I have to see. I may have stepped in all continents but there are still a lot of unheard places that I know are yet to be discovered and worth visiting. One of my favorite gem places are the indigenous villages in North Vietnam outside the town of Ba Cha. Unlike the neighboring town of Sapa, they were so uncommercialized and we were the only tourist around. http://www.travelingsolemates.com/vietnam-trekking-in-the-off-the-beaten-path-hilltribe-villages-day-1/

  4. I think one of the reasons why I do so much research before visiting someplace is that I want to make sure I don’t find out afterwards that I’ve missed something spectacular. There does seem to be an endless list of places to visit. I’m trying to turn that outlook to my local town now that we are no longer living the exciting expat life. I’m hoping that I where I live now will also have an endless number of places to explore.

  5. So true! It happens all the time, and I keep having an ever-growing list of places and things I want to see, but never end up being able to do all of them. We always try to talk to locals and hear what they have to say, but if only there were enough time for everything!

  6. The “how much I’m not going to see” just put a really sad pit in my stomach. Because it is the truth!! And I waste each and every day. Hmm. That quote really hit me, Corinne. Yes, I hear ya on the missing things to see or not trying a certain dish when it was all right at my fingertips! I see a post in that list of your’s that has me VERY intrigued! Off to Dutch Harbor virtually with you now! 🙂

  7. This is so funny Corinne. I’m in Berlin at the moment and I’m already planning a trip back… so much to see in this stunning city. It happens to me quite a lot. I can’t have enough of some places!

    1. Margherita, I think we always find that in cities. The first time all we can do is hit the biggies, so it makes us go back to find the less-known and quaint little neighborhoods.

  8. It happens to me all the time! The most astonishing thing about travelling is discovering those little nooks and corners that have no mention in the guidebook. Another thing which amazes me is that one might travel the world and across the 7 seas but fails to capture the beauty which lies next to his/ her home! This is such a beautiful post, I love that quote so much 🙂

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