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Weekend in Dubai Itinerary

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Four-wheeling and desert parties!

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Flying Emirates Air for the first time to Egypt, we had the opportunity to stop over in the UAE for a couple of days.  I love a stopover and nowadays try to fit them into my travel plans as often as I can.

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Dubai is the perfect stopover.  It provides a glimpse into the Arab world, a taste of the Mid-East.  With all of its oil money, the city is modern, clean, and beautiful.  We ate well, did some shopping, and took an educational tour of Jumeirah Mosque; but the best thing about Dubai is its proximity to the desert.

We had always heard of the dune-bashing tours with the touristy tent party at the end, and here was our chance to try it.  Yes, it was touristy.  The “Bedouin” camp was definitely set up just for  tourists.  That’s okay, it was fun!

Our dune-bashing tour took us to a couple of wadis, through a portion of Oman, eating a feast of a lunch full of mezes and kebabs somewhere on the road, and of course sand-boarding and four-wheeling through the desert. By the time we reached the tourist camp, we were ready to relax and enjoy the show.

As it turns out, we were the first ones there.  No one else showed up for almost an hour.  The owner of the tour company used the four of us to try everything out, get our photo taken, eat all the foods, hold the falcon, even a quick camel ride, basically do it all before anyone else came.  Serendipitous and a blast, my daughters had just had the best tour of their lives.  They loved it!

For a one day tour, it was a perfect and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a stopover.  We used Knight Tours; they picked us up and dropped us off at our hotel and we were out with them for about 14 hours.  It was great!

Have you been to any of the Emirates?  Have you done a desert or dune-bashing tour?  



23 thoughts on “Weekend in Dubai Itinerary”

  1. This sounds like something I could do without fear. Tour guide…yep that’s my cup of tea. Clean, also helps me get on board. Hold a Falcon…nope. I’m even skiddish around Parakeets.

  2. We love Emirates. It is our first choice of airlines if we are headed to Asia, Australia, or Europe. We spent a week on our stopover in Dubai (and another week in Oman). It wasn’t long enough in Oman, but more than enough in Dubai. Sounds like you had a blast in Dubai. We should have gone with you, we didn’t like it so much.

  3. I always love to do stopovers/layovers for a short time frame to enjoy a place I would have never visited…this sounds like the perfect opportunity to do so.

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve never been to the UAE, but I have several family members that live there and hope to visit one day. I’ve never really researched the area so it’s good to get a head start in thinking of what they have to do for fun.

  5. Great to see you also did your post on UAE! Plus we opted for a few different attractions aside from the Jumeirah Mosque which we also think looks really cool and given that it is the only mosque that allows public visitors, I think it would be a really awesome experience.

    We are on the final stretch of the challenge now Corinne, keep up the great work!

  6. theegetawaygal

    I haven’t but it sure sounds fun and sometimes those kind of tours/touristy things are just the ticket. My husband would absolutely love sand boarding and dune bashing, he’ll enjoy reading this.

  7. What a fun outing! Organized tours are the way to go when you have limited time. They can be touristy but they also provide a glimpse into local culture that would be very difficult to discover unless you knew a local.. The UAE is on my Mid East bucket list. 🙂

  8. We didn’t have time to go dune bashing on my last visit to Dubai but it’s certainly top of the list for next time. Great that you had all that time on your own before other people began to arrive!

  9. Sounds fun. We’ve used Emirates once or twice because they fly from Glasgow and we aim to change planes anywhere but Heathrow if we can. I’ve never thought of a stopover in Dubai though – you might be tempting me!

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