Turkish Food – Tava Çiger

Turkish Food - Tava Ciger

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Turkish Food - Tava Ciger

On the European side of Turkey, Edirne is not only the home of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Selimiye Mosque Complex, but also a slightly odd Turkish food, called  Tava Çiger.  Fried liver.  Yep, fried liver.  Growing up, when anyone mentioned that dish to me, I ran the other way, but upon planning our weekend to Edirne everyone I ran into implored me to try this Turkish delicacy.  Jim and I weren’t convinced, but one of our self-imposed travel rules is to try everything at least once.  So, we set our minds on seeking out the çiger and ordering one portion between us.  If we really liked it, we could always order more.

We really didn’t have to look far to find the tava çiger.  Every café or restaurant in the whole town offers their version as one of the best, just like the one here.

Tava çiger is served with deep-fried red peppers, another first for us.  Spicy!!!  Maybe that is the secret to liking liver, cover it up with some serious spice!  It worked.  We’d take a slice of bread, top it with some tomato and lettuce, carefully add a teensy bit of red pepper and a generous slab of liver, and voilà,  a quite tasty snack.  Now to be honest, neither Jim nor I felt compelled to order more, but our friend Matthew had it at every opportunity.  He loved it!  For us, I’m glad we gave it a go.

Have you tried this Turkish delicacy?  Do you have plans on visiting Edirne in the near future?  If so, really.  Try it.  It’s pretty good.

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