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The main square of Tunis


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Around the corner is the souk, and even though it looks like no one is there the main square was pretty busy that day. Boys were playing soccer. Families were out walking, their kids on trikes, and many were just wandering through on their way to grab a coffee or something for dinner.

Tunisia was one of my favorite places I’ve traveled. I was a little leary of being accosted by persistent touts, but that just didn’t happen, not even at their number one tourist site, El Jem. We went during December, and maybe it was just off-season enough that no one seemed to interested in selling to the tourists. Yay!

I found the people and food of Tunisia to really be to my liking, especially the olives and the tuna. I still need to figure out how to make a good oja, but I did post a leblebi soup recipe on here that I just love!

Have you been to Tunisia? What were your favorite things?


  1. Hi Corinne, no I haven’t been to Tunisia. A travel photographer friend f mine traveled there several years ago and I loved all the images she showed me and they piqued my interest. However, I was a bit put off by the stories about persistent touts she encountered everywhere she went. You were lucky not to have that experience. I’ll keep your timing in mind. I love olives and tuna, so it sounds like the food is to my liking as well.

    1. Marisol, I have to admit, I was happily shocked not to run into any touts like the rest of northern Africa…maybe it was the timing! I hope you make it there. It truly was an amazing country to visit!

  2. I am very interested in Tunisia but don’t know much about it. Although I knew it wasn’t a Turkey Flag, I couldn’t really see what was on the flag (no wind), so I just googled it. The tuna sounds interesting. I love fish. I am interested in more Tunisia posts.

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