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Our Once-in-a-lifetime Trip to Madagascar

Have you ever dreamed of seeing lemurs in Madagascar? We did. In this podcast, we talk about our trip to Madagascar and how you can start planning yours.

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The Best Things to do in Madagascar - The Avenue of the Baobabs

Show Notes

01:30 – Why African Safaris?

04:14 – Can you self drive Madagascar?

07:34 – What do you need to go to Madagascar?

09:01 – Getting to Madagascar

10:58 – Our driver, Manu

13:01 – Other ways to get around Madagascar

17:20 – Wildlife in Madagascar

19:25 – Avenue of the Baobabs

22:58 – Madagascar hotels and restaurants

24:22 – National Parks

27:08 – Rural life along the road and road conditions

35:13 – Chameleons

A white and black raft lemur.
Just hanging around!

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Our Top Ten Wildlife Encounters

Rice fields in Madagascar.
The stunning landscapes of Madagascar, made even more beautiful with the rain.

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