Travel Lisbon…in a Funicular!

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Travel a Funicular!

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There are not many enjoyable ways to travel uphill, except when you have the chance to ride a funicular.  I think it is aptly named, conveniently incorporating the word “fun.”  What I like about this funicular is that it is right in the middle of an extremely narrow street.  A street where everyday business is still being conducted.  Many funiculars are up the side of the mountain or hill that no one wants to walk on, because it is too steep.  It has a track and usually a wall or fence to protect people from it, but this one, this one is in the middle of the daily hustle and bustle.  I’m sure they know it’s there, and watch out for it, but it sure isn’t evident is it?  It chugged, chugged its way up the hill and spat us out right at the top with an amazing view of the narrow streets, hanging laundry, and the beautiful city.

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