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Top Five Places to Go in San Francisco

In this episode of Streets and Eats, we tell you all about one of our favorite places – San Francisco. We’ll let you in on the best things to do, especially if it’s your first time in this western city. From sea lions to Dungeness crab, bay cruises to fabulous museums, this podcast will help you plan the perfect trip to the Golden Gate city!

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As Jim is from California, he has always had family living in or close to San Francisco, so we’ve been going there at least once a year for decades. Luckily, it’s a dynamic city where there is always something new to check out. We’ve done a lot, but we still have plenty of places to explore as well.

Just like all those wonderful cities that you’ve been to over and over, there are some things we do almost every time we visit, and we believe them to be the most important sights in the city as well. We’ve listed our top five experiences to have in this iconic city, and we hope you agree.

Story Notes

0:28 – How to Get to San Francisco by Air
1:15 – Best Time to Go to San Francisco
3:17 – Public Transportation and BART
7:14 – Fisherman’s Wharf and Harbor Cruise
14:09 – Famous Cable Cars
18:59 – Golden Gate Bridge and Park
26:58 – A Tour to Alacatraz
30:56 – 5 Food to try in San Francisco

Worth Mentioning

Podcaster Bios for Jim and Corinne: Jim and Corinne are a married couple who love everything travel. Having met and married in Germany, they’ve never stopped. Along the way, they have raised two kids, visited over 90 countries (including every country in Europe), and have plenty of stories and travel tips to share. Read more about them on our About page.

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