Finally! It’s Time to Eat! Gruyère, It’s All About the Cheese! (Part III)

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Here it is, the last installment of the Swiss cheese adventure. Part I – From Farm to Table or Part II – The Making of the Cheese probably should be read first.

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Today, it’s all about tasting the fresh farm foods that we ate during our Swiss weekend.  It was pretty amazing.

Gruyère It's Time to Eat!

Since we were in the region, our first stop was Gruyères village.  A walled medieval city perched at the top of a steep hill, perfect to ward off those pesky invaders,  Gruyères is absolutely gorgeous.  The day we went, we arrived quite late in the afternoon and they had just finished with a military parade.  Folks were dressed up in traditional Swiss-wear or in military uniforms.

It’s a popular destination, and definitely one of those places that you will hear all kinds of languages.  Going late, the tourists were all leaving.  We sat down and enjoyed one of the specialties of the town, raspberries with clotted cream.  The cream is famously thick and decadent, owing its richness to the green grasses of the Alps where the cows summer.

Gruyère It's Time to Eat!


It tasted phenomenal, but on top of that it was just gorgeous.  Picture us sitting at a table on the balcony over-looking the town as the streets empty and the quietness settles in.  Pure heaven.

Gruyère It's Time to Eat!

There were plenty of great restaurants, museums, and a stunning castle.  We wandered and wandered and enjoyed having the town almost to ourselves.

Gruyère It's Time to Eat!

Of course, one of the main dishes that uses the famous Gruyère cheese that we’ve come to love so much is fondue!  I was told the very best recipes were the ones that combined two cheeses, Gruyère with Emmental.  I have yet to make this myself, but I have looked up recipes and it’s really simple.  You melt the cheeses with little white wine and a dash of nutmeg.  Dipping in those cubed stale bread, or better yet some boiled potatoes, is an activity that I would never get tired of.

Gruyère It's Time to Eat!


Apparently the Swiss can never take the chance of being out of fondue ingredients, because at one dairy we drove by that was all closed up, we saw this vending machine that conveniently sells everything you need to make it, plus it carries the clotted cream and some meringues so that you just have to add a berry or fruit and it provides your dessert as well.  So clever!


Gruyère It's Time to Eat!


Not being able to eat fondue three meals per day, even if we wanted to, we tried another great dish…a croute.  This delectable dish was a piece of toast, with ham, and egg, smothered in…yep!  You guessed it.  Gruyère  cheese.  Amazing!

Gruyère It's Time to Eat!

Of course, it’s cheese, so you really don’t have to do much to it.  Just eat it with a couple of gherkins, or on a piece of bread and onion sprouts.   Delicious!

We loved our Swiss trip with all things related to cheese so much, that we plan to go back in a few weeks to see the cows come home!  I’ve written about this before, and it’s fantastic to see how excited the town gets, and fascinating to see how they dress the cows up for the occasion.  So even though this series is finished, we’ll be updating it soon with a new installment.

What do you think of Gruyère cheese?  Would you devote an entire weekend to it?




  1. Oh, I’m so jealous right now! I just moved to Jakarta, the land of no cheese. And I would do anything for some Gruyere right now!! It looks so good…

    1. Rhonda, Have you ever done that? Where you spend so much time gawking at something trivial. We must have spent 20 minutes at that vending machine. It was hilarious.

  2. Tiffany, When we were there, they had a huge Giger Day. People were milling all over the museum. I’m sure Giger himself must have been there, but we aren’t sure we saw him. Too cool!

  3. I have really enjoyed this three-part Gruyere cheese series, Corinne. Of course, I’m starving now and seriously craving for some fondue. My mouth was watering just looking at your wonderful photos. Lucky you! I love that vending machine. This was such a great virtual tour. Thanks for making my stomach growl this late hour 🙂

  4. That vending machine is just the coolest idea ever! I tried fondue for the first time in Switzerland as well though haven’t been to Gruyeres – sounds like a beautiful place and all this cheese – I’d have come back a stone heavier 🙂

  5. Damn, I want this so bad right now. *looks around* where can I get me some of this in Croatia. We have great cheese…but not like this. Send me some? Thanks for linking up with us for #SundayTraveler again.

  6. Yummy cheeese! I’m lactose intolerant so I can only nibble the tiniest amount before getting sick. The problem is that I LOVE cheese. I would love to try those raspberries with the clotted cream. Looks so tasty.

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