Tibet Postcard

Tibet Postcard


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I found Tibet an interesting place to visit.  With the political situation, which was quite evident while we were there, it makes it a little difficult to get people to open up to you.  The temples were amazing, the food was not that good, and the people were guarded.  It was a different trip.  I haven’t written much about it at all.  I guess I should do that.

I have posted some photos:

Mud Hut


Portrait of a Tibetan Woman

Monks Going to Prayer

Tibetan Spring

Portrait of a Tibetan Tribe Woman


Have you been to Tibet?


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    1. Rhonda, I don’t know about filled with animals. They have yaks. That’s all I saw. I did think they were pretty cool. It was cold, and it’s a strange place. I have mixed feelings about it.

  1. I like that yak! We didn’t see anything that decorated while we were there. I also haven’t written much about our few days in Tibet. We were so hammered by altitude sickness that it cast a pall over the entire visit. Still, I need to get around to putting my thoughts down so I don’t forget them.

  2. I absolutely loved Tibet. So much in fact, that I am planning to go back there next year. This time I will be in the East so I am expecting it to be easier than Lhasa.

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