My Thoughts on the Perfect Hotel

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My Thoughts on the Perfect Hotel

The view of the Mediterranean from our hotel in Menton, France.

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I love the quote above, but it really got me thinking. To begin with, anytime I’m traveling is a refuge from my normal life, my work life, my routine. But home? Home is comfortable. Home is set up the way that works best for me. Even though going to a hotel, especially like the one with a view like this, can be special,it’s not home and it’s almost never set up perfectly for me. What do I like in a hotel room and what do I hate? Let me tell you.
I rarely dish out the funds for a luxury hotel, very rarely, so I’m not likely to be renting a suite with baskets of fruit, let alone full sitting rooms. However, sitting is important to me. I don’t want to sit on my bed. When I’m out and about, I’m usually beating the pavement. Cities are full of grit and dirt, and I’m sure that gets on my clothes, so the last thing I want to do is sit on my bed. I’d like it to be nice and clean when I’m ready to sleep. So it’s important to me to have at least one chair or possibly two. No one is out sight-seeing all the time.

There are a few things that make me crazy in most hotel rooms, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Even without being a blogger where being online pretty much everyday is critical, it’s important to have outlets and wifi. Every traveler nowadays wants to update their families and friends about what they’ve been up to. They want to check their email. It’s ingrained in us at this point. Yes, I agree it’s important to unplug every once in awhile and take a technology detox. But let’s face it, we don’t want to, so when I have to uplug the only lamp or move a dresser or some other very inconvenient piece of furniture, I’m just not happy. Why aren’t there just enough outlets to go around? Ideally there would be some on each wall, and while I’m at it, how about a desk or table to put my computer, ipad, or other device on while I’m working?

Another pet peeve of mine is having no windows or windows that don’t open. I like fresh air, and I even don’t really mind city noise. I would like to have a choice of whether or not I want outside air, air conditioning, noise. The few places I’ve stayed with no windows at all are really suffocating. I hate that. Not long ago we were in Singapore, and I couldn’t believe how many hotel rooms were out there with no windows at all, not at all. The rooms were dark and the only exit is the door. Not cool. I need a window, and I really want one that I can open!

Things I don’t really need: a full sized dresser. I don’t really know anyone that completely unpacks for a few days stay, and how often do you really stay in a hotel longer than that? I’m a huge fan of the closet with shelves. I can put my clothes on a shelf or hang them as I see fit. I also love those little fold up trays that hold your suitcase. I don’t mind living out of my suitcase, but there needs to be a place for it. I hate, hate, hate having to leave it on the floor.

Finally, let’s talk bathrooms! For me, they are a must these days. Every once in a blue moon I’ll be okay with sharing, but let’s face it, as luxuries go, having my own private place to do my thing really is high on the list. If I’m going to share, or use an outdoor toilet, there better be an end in sight. I can tell myself, “It’s only for three days!” or whatever to get me through but for the most part I feel like my hotel room is my home away from home, and home is supposed to be comfortable. Put me out of my zone during the day, but come nighttime, I like to feel calm.

And in that bathroom, should be a shower. Showers are paramount, and I don’t mean those shower heads that hang over the bath faucet with nowhere to hang it from the wall. I’m not overly picky here, but I don’t like to stoop, squat, or have to take a bath. A bath is not something I want to take to get clean; it’s for relaxing or romancing. That’s it. Give me a stand up shower with lots of hot water and good pressure!

So, yes I love a good view, a comfortable bed. I love being away from home and traveling to find my zen, but hey, even us folks that don’t mind “roughing it” have a few must-haves in a hotel room. It just shouldn’t be that hard!

How about you? What are your hotel pet peeves or must haves?


My Thoughts on the Perfect Hotel














































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  1. My husband travels every week for business – and he and I have totally different ideas about what we want in a hotel room. The desk area is very important to him – obviously – whereas I am with you and prefer a couch or chair over a desk. He likes to unpack if he stays somewhere for awhile and I do not – I don’t mind living out of a suitcase. And I am definitely with you on the window opening – I feel claustrophobic if you can’t open it. Funny, isn’t it, how everyone is so different?

  2. Haha, I don’t mind not having windows that open if there’s a chance that mosquitoes will fly in the moment I open them! However, I do like being able to look out of the window. Sorry to hear you didn’t have any windows in your hotel in Singapore! Which hotel did you stay in? Granted, I live here so I’ve only done staycations in fairly nice hotels (which is the point of a staycation) but it’s quite sad to think of hotel rooms without windows!

    1. Michelle, I’ve stayed at a number of hotels in Singapore, but the one without windows was a pretty nice hostel. I don’t remember the name, but it was in the Muslim quarter.

  3. We often stay in luxury hotels and it is surprising how often they get one or two things wrong. Cleanliness is at the absolute top of my list along with decent sheets and towels. Right now we are in the US on a road and cycling trip. We are staying in chain hotels which are perfectly adequate but the lack of opening windows drives me nuts – all the rooms are stuffy because they never see fresh air from one year to the next.

  4. I agree with all of those! I will add a tea / coffee tray. That’s what I want to revive me when I come in from a hard day’s sightseeing.

  5. interesting list. I like it when the bathroom sink is outside the bathroom — makes it easier for multiple people to get ready for bed or dressed and out the door. I also don’t understand why in a room with 2 queen beds there will be only 1 luggage rack. 2-4 people rarely travel with 1 suitcase. In Ulm we got a family room that had an Ikea step stool in the bathroom. this was a small thing but genius. hotel sinks are always higher than normal and little kids can’t reach them. I don’t know why more hotels don’t think of this $3 investment. Also, traveling with a child, we will sometimes bring takeout back to the room at the end of a long day, so we like a table in the room — ideally one big enough to eat off of.

  6. Hi Corinne, I love to be comfortable as well, and I think everyone has different things they like to be comfortable. I really like to have free coffee and breakfast, good Wifi, and if staying more than a couple days, a bathtub as I love baths:) I also like a place with a desk and chair, so that if we need to work we can. Currently staying at a budget airport hotel in Denver with all but one of those things! ~ Jessica

  7. I am glad I am not the only one that puts that private bathroom high on the priority list. I also don’t understand the quote, maybe the author needs a refuge from home chores.

  8. My biggest bug bear, is that I like fresh air. Even when we are at the snow I must have a window open, despite the fact that snow drifts might or might not come through the window. Internet – i seriously hate unplugging. My bad, but I own it 🙂 That’s about it – the rest I will put up with.

  9. I’ve been living in a hotel for nine months now, and I still don’t feel like it’s my home! And I agree about the electrical outlets – we can’t travel anywhere without taking an extension cord along these days.

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