Taking a Break – China

I love photographing people in many of the Asian countries like China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam…!

Break China

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One thing I love about traveling is seeing how other people live. I was in Xian, China when I took this shot in the Muslim section of town. They have a wonderful street market, and the entire neighborhood is quiet and reserved, unlike the rest of the city. This woman is taking her morning tea break. Off in the shade, kicking back, and enjoying a quiet moment. I love that!

I love taking candid shots of people doing real things. I’m sure this lady does this each day, before the the crowds descend on her to buy her bread and other goods. She looks so comfortable and content, the same way I look when I’m in my pajamas cradling a steaming cup of coffee in front of my computer.

What does this photo remind you of?

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