How To Find the Snow Monkeys In Japan

A Day At Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park Somehow, the snow monkeys of Japan have claimed global stardom. True, there have been some fascinating National Geographic and BBC features documenting the life and times of these beautiful golden creatures. You can find […]

Experiential Tourism - Isasha Lions Uganda

Experiential Tourism – Isasha Lions Uganda

“$150 fine if you drive off track,” read the sign in Queen Elizabeth Park. This came back to me unbidden when the researcher’s vehicle took a sudden left turn right through the high grass, with plenty of Ugandan Kob watching […]

Deadly or Delicate? Exploring the Sonora Desert

Deadly or Delicate? Exploring the Sonora Desert

I love the desert. There is something about the sparse vegetation, the way the cactus rise up from such a dry soil, and the fact that even in this harsh environment so many living things flourish. When I first heard […]

World Heritage Site Galapagos Island

World Heritage Site Galapagos Islands Time Lapse

A Galapagos Cruise – A Dream of a Lifetime Boobies and seals, iguanas and manta rays, oh my! Our family trip to the Galapagos ranks up there as one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. We flew into Guayaquil, Ecuador […]

How to Visit Botswana!

I am a budget traveler, but I have to tell you, we found out that to visit Botswana we would need to step out of that comfort zone. As we were preparing to plan for our trip, there was just too […]

Destinations in Africa with ReflectionsEnroute.com

Reflections on Destinations in Africa

Africa is for us one of those places that is so large, the 2nd largest continent in the world, that we just can’t even grasp its size and diversity. We have been to a few places in northern Africa and […]

Animals of Iceland

Animals of Iceland – A Personal Photo Essay

Shaggy and Wild, Iceland’s Fauna is Spectacular As one would expect of such an isolated island situated in the North Atlantic, there is not much wildlife on Iceland.  The majority of the wildlife comes from  the sea, and the bird life is prolific […]

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