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Testosterone Prevails at Labuk Bay

Labuk Bay

or A Little Scare Goes a Long Way (this is a Part 1 of 2 posts about Labuk Bay and some wildlife adventures.)   Jim and I love to do anything related to wildlife.  This was true before we lived […]

Is Visiting Sepilok the Best Way to See Orangutans?

Sepilok Oranutans

Want to see orangutans? We did and we weren’t disappointed! Anyone who has visited the Malaysian part of Borneo has heard of the Sepilok  Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre.  About an hour from Sandakan, this world famous site is doing a […]

My Top 25 Travel Photos for 2013!

Top 25 Travel Photos 2013

 Our favorite photos of the year from 11 of the 15 countries we’ve visited. We’ve had such a wonderful year of travel, and our travel photos are how we collect our memories of these trips.  I’ve chosen my top 25 […]

Reflection #584 – Giraffe in Botswana

Giraffe Botswana

There’s nothing more awkward than a giraffe trying to drink water. Spread-legged and thirsty, this young one hurries to take a drink while his partner stands guard. And they definitely were smart to take turns, while the other watches for […]

Reflection #536 – Lorikeet, Australia

Lorikeet Australia

Traveling around Australia, I loved the wildlife the most. Lorikeets are everywhere, and they seem to be a rather friendly bird. They don’t fly away unless you get just a little too close. They’re gorgeous, too. Just look at those […]

Reflection #514 – Bee Eater from Namibia

Namibia BeeEaterThe birds in Namibia, and all of southern Africa for that matter, are stunning beautiful creatures.

The wildlife in Namibia, all of southern Africa, is amazing. Going on safari, I was ready for the elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, rhinos, and other large animals, but I really didn’t give much attention to what the bird life would be […]

Reflection #496 – Zambia Impala

Impala in ZambiaImpala in Zambia

The very first game drive we did in southern Africa was in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, more famously known for Victoria Falls, Zambia. We did visit the falls and in the late afternoon and evening took a ride. That’s how […]

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