Adventure Travel Scotland – Shotguns and Quads

Adventure Travel Scotland

  You might imagine I’m writing about a camping or hunting trip in the back woods of the US when I start talking about riding quads (ATVs or 4-wheelers) and shooting at things. But it can be real fun to get […]

Perfectly Pumpkin – A Fantastic German Fall Festival

Pumpkin Festival Ludwigsburg Germany

Ludwigsburg, Germany – Pumpkins Galore I love a festival.  And one that involves food, well, that’s a no-brainer.  We were going.  I love pumpkin, and I’d heard there was plenty of pumpkin specialties to be tasted, so off we went.  In […]

Finding Yourself The Whimsical Otagi Nenbutsu Temple, Kyoto

The Whimsical Otagi Nenbutsu Temple, Kyoto

“Another temple?!” Everyone groaned. It seemed that if we weren’t eating, we were visiting temples. We loved Kyoto, but we were almost templed out. There are so many to see, all unique, all wonderful. There are just too many. Even I […]

Armenia Road Trip Part 2 – Geghard and Garni, A Monastery and a Temple

Armenia Road Trip Part 2 - Geghard and Garni, A Monastery and a Temple

 Our Second Day in Armenia Begins Unfortunately we just didn’t have a lot of time on this trip, and we wanted to head back towards Tbilisi, but we were hoping to see a few things along the way. We considered […]

Intrigued by the Archictectural Wonder of the Vizcaya Bridge

Intrigued by the Architectural Wonder of the Vizcaya Bridge

The Vizkaya bridge is one of those sites that we always wanted to visit, because it is so unique. It’s called a transporter bridge, but it really is a gondola which holds six cars and dozens of people to cross […]

Rendezvous with the Creative Ajay of Travelure

Rendezvous with Ajay of TravelureAerobatic Display Team from Sweden

Welcome once again to a Rendezvous with Rovers where we catch up with travelers, and in this case, photographers who are on the go.  Jim and I love to meet up with other travelers and if we can’t do it […]

Claustrophobia Reigns Supreme in Cheops Pyramid

Claustrophobia in the Pyramid of Cheops Egypt

Claustrophobia Strikes in Cheops Pyramid! Going to Egypt had been a dream of mine since I can remember.  From old Hollywood movies to reports in grammar school, I was fascinated by the pharaohs, their tombs, their pyramids, all of it. […]

Rubbing Elbows with the Rich and Famous – Top 10 Things to do in Monaco

Top 10 Things to do in Monaco

Monaco, the land of the rich and the famous, right? Well, it turns out there’s so much more to this tiny little principality clinging to the side of a rocky ledge overlooking the French Mediterranean. In fact, it should come […]

Shocking Good Time at the Tesla Museum

Nikola Tesla Museum Belgrade Serbia

Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest electrical engineers and inventors of the twentieth century. His story has fascinated me for as long as I can remember, so it’s no wonder that a visit to the museum dedicated to his […]

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