Get Your Rock On ‎Škocjan Caves Slovenia

Get Your Rock On at Škocjan Caves, Slovenia

Crossing the Border Just for a Cave We drove down to Italy to meet up with some friends for a long weekend.  We went to Bologna, Venice, and Ravenna visiting world heritage sites and eating pasta.  At some point, as […]

Disoriented? That's What Makes Travel Epic!

Disoriented? That’s What Makes Travel Epic!

As you know, Jim and I recently came back from a trip to Georgia and Armenia. These two places are pretty much what I would call, “off the beaten track.” Both countries being part of the former Soviet Bloc, are […]

Welcoming Spring with Germany May Pole Celebrations

Welcoming Spring with German Maypole Celebrations

Hoisting the Maypole – A Bavarian Tradition One of the great things about living in Germany is that we get to experience some of the traditions that would be difficult to plan as a traveler. There are so many very […]

Pondering How Travel Has Changed - Is it Better?Moscow in 1987.

Pondering How Travel Has Changed – Is it Better Now?

    Years ago, when Jim and I started traveling, things were vastly different than they are today. Now, many people will argue that it is much better, easier now…I’m not so sure.   Yes, it’s true that we had […]

Armenia Road Trip Part 2 - Geghard and Garni, A Monastery and a Temple

Armenia Road Trip Part 2 – Geghard and Garni, A Monastery and a Temple

 Our Second Day in Armenia Begins Unfortunately we just didn’t have a lot of time on this trip, and we wanted to head back towards Tbilisi, but we were hoping to see a few things along the way. We considered […]

Follow Your Own Dream - Weekend Travel Inspiration

Following My Dreams, Not Yours!

Travel is my passion. It’s not my only passion; I think I’m a pretty passionate person overall. I’m one of those folks that throws themselves into a task I really want to do, and I really love just about everything […]

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