Read: Um er-Rasas A World Heritage Site

Jordan Road Trip – Sidetrack to Um er-Rasas

Driving in Jordan Our wintertime, week-long self drive through Jordan was one of the best road trips we’ve been on. Driving through the countryside is, for the most part, relaxed and easygoing. Of course, we were sharing the road with all […]

Battlefield of Culloden Scotland

Sobering Visit to the Culloden Battlefield

Why You Should Visit Culloden Battlefield One of the reasons we travel is to experience the culture and society of the countries we’re visiting. This means seeing everything that has shaped modern society, experiencing the forces that have sculpted the […]

Tower of London

The Tower of London – Don’t Lose Your Head

While the Tower of London has been around in some form or another for nearly 1000 years, it hasn’t always been a major tourist attraction. It’s more likely that the Londoners of Norman England hated and despised the fortress, at […]

Fortified Churches in Transylvania

Finding the Fortified Churches of Transylvania

Transylvania is known for more than vampires and werewolves. This beautiful corner of Romania is a must for visitors to the country and some of the top attractions for any traveler are the Fortified Churches of Transylvania.

Ancient Roman Spa in Tunisia

Immersed in Ancient Rome at Hammam Mellegue, Tunisia

A Unique Spa Day at an Ancient Roman Bath This article was written and scheduled for posting earlier this month before the Sousse tragedy occurred. Our thoughts go out to the families of the victims and to the Tunisian people. Incidents such as […]

Le Kef Tunisia

On the Edge of Safe in Le Kef Tunisia

Finding the Top Five Attractions at Le Kef on the Tunisian Frontier This article was written and scheduled for posting earlier this month before the Sousse tragedy occurred. Our thoughts go out to the families of the victims and to the […]

Mont St. Michel – A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Iconically French, and a View to Charish – Mont St. Michel Sitting in my high school French class, I can remember struggling through a watered-down French version of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. The illustration on the well-worn soft cover was […]

One Week Itinerary Iceland

The Best of Iceland: A Driving Itinerary

Driving around the Island of Iceland – (Part 2) A few summers back, on a driving trip to Norway to visit some close friends in Stavanger, we stopped in a tourist information office in the Danish ferry port of Hirtshals. […]

Weekend Travel Inspiration Roman Payne

Weekend Travel Inspiration – Roman Payne

Where does our inspiration come from? What is that inner muse that drives us on to the next adventure, the next story, and where does it come from? I’ve been a wanderer for as long as I can remember. My […]

Read: The Oysters of BelonBelon oysters are the Formule du Jour at Anne de Belon, in Belon France.

The Famous Oysters of Belon, France

Hunting the Elusive Belon Bivalves Sometimes inspiration for our travels comes from odd places. Other times that inspiration is as ordinary as can be. While we try to be leaders in the travel field, picking out new and exotic destinations […]

Weekend Travel Inspiration Charles Dickens

Weekend Travel Inspiration – Charles Dickens

Some things travelers don’t talk much about.  They don’t talk about the endless hours waiting, waiting at the airport, in the customs line, at a train ticket vendor.  They don’t talk about seeing too much trash on the side of […]


Top 5 Sights on the Island of Gozo

Gozo Otherwise Known as Calypso’s Island Some of Malta’s best-known sites are on this island, but you’ll also find pristine beaches, salt pans, and a fantastic cheese.  Many people visiting Malta don’t spend the night here, but there is plenty to do. […]

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