Disoriented? That’s What Makes Travel Epic!

Disoriented? That's What Makes Travel Epic!

As you know, Jim and I recently came back from a trip to Georgia and Armenia. These two places are pretty much what I would call, “off the beaten track.” Both countries being part of the former Soviet Bloc, are […]

Pondering How Travel Has Changed – Is it Better Now?

Pondering How Travel Has Changed - Is it Better?Moscow in 1987.

    Years ago, when Jim and I started traveling, things were vastly different than they are today. Now, many people will argue that it is much better, easier now…I’m not so sure.   Yes, it’s true that we had […]

Comparing Notes with Folks We Meet on the Road in Tblisi

Comparing Notes with Folks We Meet on the Road in Tblisi

You know who inspires me to travel the most? Other travelers! Like you! As you know, we were recently on a trip to Georgia and Armenia, which not too many people go to. Yes, there were a couple of Chinese […]

Rendezvous with Frank and Lissette from BBQ Boy and Spanky

Rendezvous with Frank and LIssette

Welcome to another installment of a Rendezvous with Rovers where we meet up, virtually, with some intrepid travelers and share their stories.  This week, we are talking with the brave and location-independent Frank and Lissette who’ve been traveling continuously for […]

Following My Dreams, Not Yours!

Follow Your Own Dream - Weekend Travel Inspiration

Travel is my passion. It’s not my only passion; I think I’m a pretty passionate person overall. I’m one of those folks that throws themselves into a task I really want to do, and I really love just about everything […]

No Planning Travel Planning Required?

No Travel Planning Required?

As someone who is still working full-time, Jim and I  have to plan our trips a little more than if we were full-time travelers. As folks who love spontaneity, love living in the moment, planning is difficult for us. We would much rather be […]

Jordan Road Trip – Sidetrack to Um er-Rasas

Read: Um er-Rasas A World Heritage Site

Driving in Jordan Our wintertime, week-long self drive through Jordan was one of the best road trips we’ve been on. Driving through the countryside is, for the most part, relaxed and easygoing. Of course, we were sharing the road with all […]

Rendezvous with the Creative Ajay of Travelure

Rendezvous with Ajay of TravelureAerobatic Display Team from Sweden

Welcome once again to a Rendezvous with Rovers where we catch up with travelers, and in this case, photographers who are on the go.  Jim and I love to meet up with other travelers and if we can’t do it […]

Rubbing Elbows with the Rich and Famous – Top 10 Things to do in Monaco

Top 10 Things to do in Monaco

Monaco, the land of the rich and the famous, right? Well, it turns out there’s so much more to this tiny little principality clinging to the side of a rocky ledge overlooking the French Mediterranean. In fact, it should come […]

Developing my Cherry List!

Developing My Cherry List - Weekend Travel Inspiration

Last week on Weekend Travel Inspiration, I started telling you how I’ve chosen to live my life a bit differently than many of my friends and family. Jim and I talked about it quite a bit this past weekend, because we […]

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