Gobekli Tepe

Göbekli Tepe – The World’s First Cathedral?

Could the first organized religion be found on a small hill in Southern Turkey? The first time we visited Göbekli Tepe, we drove through the dust from Şanliurfa, a Muslim  pilgrimage site where Abraham was born and killed.  Even though […]

Korea Temple

Grand Opening at a Korean Temple

Korean Temple Grand Opening How colorful Korean temples are, and this one was being blessed for the very first time. Dignitaries and people came from all over to donate money, see the new temple, and receive blessings. It was one […]

Chengdu Incense Burner

Curious Boy Plays with the Incense in Chengdu

I love watching kids! When I visited Chengdu I wandered around this temple, keeping my eye on this little boy for about 30 minutes. He climbed all over it, stuck his hands in it, took out the incense and rearranged […]

Ssongwangsa Temple Korea

Reflection #520 – Songgwangsa Temple, Korea

Songgwangsa Temple is one of Korea’s Three Jewel Temples of Buddhism, along with Tongdosa and Haeinsa. All of them are important religious sites. The three temples symbolize the three key tenets of Buddhism. Songgwangsa represents the Buddhist community or sangha, […]

The Three Jewel Temples of Korea

We rented a car and wanted to go explore the western coast of the Korean Peninsula. We were on a quest to find the UNESCO World Heritage Site ancient dolmens. A dolmen is a very large rock, somewhat shaped by […]

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