Sunset on Morocco

Sunset on Morocco

Evening Skies Worthy of True Love I love traveling in winter when the sun sets before it’s time to go to dinner.  It’s great to be able to enjoy the full spectrum of colors, then go in and taste the […]

Weekend Travel Inspiration – A City Sunset

Weekend Travel Inspiration

 Who doesn’t love a city sunset? One with water is just that much better.  This is the view of Doha harbor in Qatar.  The whole country left quite a lasting impression on us.  Here are a few of our posts […]

We Travel – Weekend Travel Inspiration

We Travel Weekend Travel Inspiration

  Yes we do!  I just came back from my latest jaunt.  Jim and I were in Morocco for the last couple of weeks road tripping, meeting locals, baking bread, and just doing what we love to do.  We love […]

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