A Snack Called Churchkhela

A Snack Called Churchela

If you read our recent post on making Georgian dumplings, then you know that we had to negotiate our way into a restaurant kitchen. The negotiations, made mostly in Georgian by our hotel host, also somehow included making a Georgian […]

The National Snack of Spain – Churros y Chocolate

Churros y chocolate

Fried and Sugared Dough Dipped in Chocolate?   Hell Yes! This time of year all around America towns hold their harvest festivals, and then the states each hold a fair.  American state fairs are a tradition that goes back to […]

Lithuania’s National Snack! Fried Bread

Lithuania - Fried Bread

You don’t have to be in Lithuania long to figure out what their favorite snack is.  I had never heard of this food before, let alone,  it being someone’s national snack.  When most of the western world has elevated French fries […]

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