How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip – Anywhere in the World!

You Too Can Plan the Perfect Road Trip Imagine yourself, windows rolled down, fresh air and a cool breeze coming through the window as you wind your way along a scenic byway. Tall, majestic mountains on one side and pure […]

A Pasha’s Palace in a Land Far, Far Away

A Pasha's Palace in a Land Far, Far Away

Close to the Iraqi Border, Ä°shak Paşa Sarayı is Truly on the Edge Pashas, sultans, belly dancers, Scheherazade, and visions of 1001 Arabian Nights danced in my head as we headed to this palace in the farthest reaches of Eastern Turkey. […]

Armenia Road Trip Part 3 – Going North and One Last Stop

Sanahin Monastery - Armenia Road Trip

Just recently we took a road trip in Armenia and this is Part 3.  If you’ve missed Part 1 or Part 2, here they are. After our Geghard and Garni jaunt, and just a couple of hours up the road, […]

Armenia Road Trip Part 2 – Geghard and Garni, A Monastery and a Temple

Armenia Road Trip Part 2 - Geghard and Garni, A Monastery and a Temple

 Our Second Day in Armenia Begins Unfortunately we just didn’t have a lot of time on this trip, and we wanted to head back towards Tbilisi, but we were hoping to see a few things along the way. We considered […]

Jordan Road Trip – Sidetrack to Um er-Rasas

Read: Um er-Rasas A World Heritage Site

Driving in Jordan Our wintertime, week-long self drive through Jordan was one of the best road trips we’ve been on. Driving through the countryside is, for the most part, relaxed and easygoing. Of course, we were sharing the road with all […]

Photographing Meteora

Photographing Meteora

Catching the Light in Meteora For years I’ve been hearing whispers of this mysterious valley with holy monasteries clinging to the side of cliffs, unchanged for centuries.  Then a few years ago, we took a week and did some touring around […]

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