Rendezvous with Ajay of TravelureAerobatic Display Team from Sweden

Rendezvous with the Creative Ajay of Travelure

Welcome once again to a Rendezvous with Rovers where we catch up with travelers, and in this case, photographers who are on the go.  Jim and I love to meet up with other travelers and if we can’t do it […]

22 Remarkable and Favorite Images of the Year

22 of our Most Remarkable and Favorite Images of the Year

What is more fun than going through your images from the past year?  Really?  Nothing.  It brings back memories of all the places we’ve been, all the people we’ve met or visited, and just all the fun.  I’m not sure […]

Plow Bulgaria

Getting Ready to Plow, Bulgaria

Driving our small rental car through Bulgaria in early spring, we saw this scene over and over again. This is a poor country and most small farmers can’t afford to rent a tractor let alone own and operate one. They […]

TunisiaTunisian Woman removing olive branches from her orchard.

Reflection #493 – Tunisia Woman and Donkey

The Tunisian winter is the time to harvest the olives, then clean up the orchards to get ready for another year. I was overwhelmed my the number of olive orchards in Tunisia. Olives provide over 18% of their Gross National […]

Have you ever been to cat cafe? Click here to find out more!Sign girl hoping you'll enter the cat establishment! It's cold and only 1,000 yen per hour, why not?

Cats! Not the Musical! – Visiting a Tokyo Cat Café

  My daughter loves cats. She’s a cat lady. A young cat lady, but still a cat lady. So, it made purrfect sense, along with some of the other Tokyo gems we were visiting like Roppongi Hills, The Grand Sumo Tournament, […]

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