Off the Beaten Path

One Week Itinerary Iceland

The Best of Iceland: A Driving Itinerary

Driving around the Island of Iceland – (Part 2) A few summers back, on a driving trip to Norway to visit some close friends in Stavanger, we stopped in a tourist information office in the Danish ferry port of Hirtshals. […]

Leaf Sliding Philippines

Visiting the Banaue Rice Terraces

Banana Leaf to the Batad Valley Floor The Banaue Rice terraces of Ifuago in the Philippines are some of the most difficult areas we’ve traveled to. We’re not big trekkers, so I’m sure some of our readers may disagree, but […]

Marabout Monastir

Marabout in Monastir

Marabout in Front of Bourguiba Mausoleum Monastir is a beautiful seaside city with an old Ribat built to watch for invading Byzantium galleys. The massive stone walls and tower of the ancient fortress along the waterfront provides us a step back in […]

Rendezvous We Travel and Blog

A Rendezvous with Jade at We Travel and Blog

New Series! A Rendezvous of Rovers We’re starting a new series on Reflections Enroute called Rendezvous of Rovers.  In a virtual meet-up, we interview our favorite rovers, travelers, and hopefully spread some true inspiration.  Jade was gracious enough, even in the […]

Read: Wildlife of Borneo

The Wildlife of Borneo – A Photo Essay

You can’t be disappointed with the abundance of wildlife to see in Malaysian, Borneo! One of the first animals we saw in Borneo was the short-tailed macaque. A troop of them live at the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre, and […]

caravanseraiThe front door to the Aksaray Caravanserai

A Caravanserai Along the Silk Road

The Silk Road…camels, caravans, bandits, and adventure!   Growing up, I devoured stories about the camel caravans and the merchants that traveled the Silk Road. I fell in love with the idea that these caravans were constantly moving, winding their way […]

Poinsettia Valletta

Poinsettia Sales in Valletta

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas… Valletta is a magical city any time of year, and during Christmas it just gets that much more so. The poinsettia saleperson is doing a booming business. Poinsettias can grow on Malta, […]

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