Exploring The Souk and Tannery of Fez, Morocco

Exploring The Souk and Tanneries of Fez, Morocco

The ancient city of Fez has been attracting merchants, traders, and tourists for hundreds of years. Most of the old quarters date back nearly 1500 years with their roots in the very early days of Islam in northern Africa. Palaces, […]

48 Hours in Taipei

Scrambling to See Taipei in 48 Hours; Fascinating and Tasty!

Taipei is often overlooked as a destination in Asia, maybe due to it’s location where many foreigners must obtain a visa prior to entry. You don’t actually need a visa (if you’re American or European and some Asian countries) to […]

Sensory Delights at the Berber Market in Morocco

Oh the Distances We’ll Travel For A Good Market! A Berber market in Morocco is a magical thing. If you’ve been to farmers’ markets or other weekly markets you might have some idea of what to expect; stands selling fruits […]

Market in TurkeyWomen buying peppers along the river in Inebolu.

Reflection #508 – Turkish Ladies at the Market in Inebolu

Every Saturday in Inebolu, a Black Sea costal town in northern Turkey, the villagers come down from the mountains to the market. They come to buy and to sell. The market is too small to accommodate everyone, so it spills […]

Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo Japan

How to Visit the World-famous Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market

Getting Up Early for the True Breakfast of Champions! Visiting the world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market is on everyone’s top to do list for Tokyo. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the workings of a real fish auction as the night’s catch […]

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