Flower Mosaics Netherlands

The Amazing Flower Petal Mosaics of the Netherlands

A Flowering Art Surprise! When we drove the Bollenstreek, we had no idea of some of the events and customs surrounding the flower season.  Our goal was to take in spring; its brilliant colors, its fresh aromas, its Vitamin D. […]

Wadi Rum Jordan

Desert Vistas and Camel Races in Wadi Rum

Lawrence of Arabia Was Here! Thoughts of the desert always evoke a sense of mystery, of camels and caravans winding among sand dunes and between surprise oases, ancient spice trade routes, and yes, Lawrence of Arabia. Wadi Rum has all […]

Jeju-do South Korea

Jeju-do, South Korea’s Gem

Jeju Island, the Hawaii of South Korea If you are living in or visiting South Korea for any length of time, the locals will tell you that you must visit Jeju-do (do means island in Hangul) an island located off […]


Top 5 Sights on the Island of Gozo

Gozo Otherwise Known as Calypso’s Island Some of Malta’s best-known sites are on this island, but you’ll also find pristine beaches, salt pans, and a fantastic cheese.  Many people visiting Malta don’t spend the night here, but there is plenty to do. […]

Easter Island World Heritage Site

Easter Island World Heritage Site

Rapa Nui National Park – Chile As we grew up, read great books, and watched movies of faraway lands, it ignited an idea.  An idea that we could visit the world’s most unique, mysterious, and exotic lands.  It doesn’t get […]

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