How to Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing in Japan)

Cherry Blossoms Japan

A Step by Step Guide to Doing it Right! Hanami season is one of the biggest attractions in Japan. Hanami refers to “cherry blossom viewing” and takes over the country for about six weeks. EVERYTHING is cherry blossom related: candies, […]

The Amazing Flower Petal Mosaics of the Netherlands

Flower Mosaics Netherlands

A Flowering Art Surprise! When we drove the Bollenstreek, we had no idea of some of the events and customs surrounding the flower season.  Our goal was to take in spring; its brilliant colors, its fresh aromas, its Vitamin D. […]

It’s Tulip Time in the Netherlands!

Tulips Netherlands

A Drive on the Bollenstreek (Bulb Region)! What is more Dutch than tulips?  We took a short road trip up to the tulip region of the Netherlands, and with fantastic sun and clear skies, we traipsed in and out of […]

Desert Vistas and Camel Races in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum Jordan

Lawrence of Arabia Was Here! Thoughts of the desert always evoke a sense of mystery, of camels and caravans winding among sand dunes and between surprise oases, ancient spice trade routes, and yes, Lawrence of Arabia. Wadi Rum has all […]

Jeju-do, South Korea’s Gem

Jeju-do South Korea

Jeju Island, the Hawaii of South Korea If you are living in or visiting South Korea for any length of time, the locals will tell you that you must visit Jeju-do (do means island in Hangul) an island located off […]

Tiniest Hotel Rooms – A Capsule Hotel in Japan

Capsule Hotel Japan

Snug as a Bug in a Capsule Hotel Written by: Devon Vail Everyone has heard of them: the legendary capsule hotels in Japan. Legendary, indeed! Tiny hotel rooms, no bigger than the underside of a bunk bed, not even tall […]

The Okavango Delta – A New World Heritage Site

Okavango Delta

A Mokoro Safari On our road trip through southern Africa, our main goal was to experience as many safaris as possible. We saw the most wildlife in the country of Botswana. The Okavango Delta has a unique ecosystem that doesn’t follow […]

Top 10 Things to do in Egypt

Top 10 Egypt

Checking Off the Bucket List In the U.S., we grew up learning about ancient Egypt, the pharoahs, Cleopatra, the flooding cycle of the Nile, all of it. All my life I looked forward to visiting. It was with rabid excitement […]

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