Rendezvous with Ajay of TravelureAerobatic Display Team from Sweden

Rendezvous with the Creative Ajay of Travelure

Welcome once again to a Rendezvous with Rovers where we catch up with travelers, and in this case, photographers who are on the go.  Jim and I love to meet up with other travelers and if we can’t do it […]

Church Lugo

Lugo Roman Wall – UNESCO World Heritage Site

The view from the Roman wall in Lugo A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Roman fortifications are standing strong and tall in the Spanish city of Lugo. Surviving the last 2000 years, the wall and its towers are a lot […]

World Heritage Site Northern Ireland – Giant’s Causeway

A fantastic place to take a day trip to, if you happen to be in Northern Ireland, don’t miss this spectacular site.  The Giant’s Causeway has it all…a legend, fantastic geometric shapes, gorgeous scenery, and lots of hiking paths if […]

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