Comparing Notes with Folks We Meet on the Road in Tblisi

Comparing Notes with Folks We Meet on the Road in Tblisi

You know who inspires me to travel the most? Other travelers! Like you! As you know, we were recently on a trip to Georgia and Armenia, which not too many people go to. Yes, there were a couple of Chinese […]

No Travel Planning Required?

No Planning Travel Planning Required?

As someone who is still working full-time, Jim and I  have to plan our trips a little more than if we were full-time travelers. As folks who love spontaneity, love living in the moment, planning is difficult for us. We would much rather be […]

Developing My Cherry List - Weekend Travel Inspiration

Developing my Cherry List!

Last week on Weekend Travel Inspiration, I started telling you how I’ve chosen to live my life a bit differently than many of my friends and family. Jim and I talked about it quite a bit this past weekend, because we […]

Designing Life - Weekend Travel Inspiration

Designing the Life I Love to Live

I don’t know about you , but sometimes I feel like  freak! I have chosen to live my life in a way that seems foreign to others. I can remember my mother-in-law asking very early on in our marriage when […]

Searching for Beautiful - Weekend Travel Inspiration

Searching for Beautiful

This quote nails it! How can you not love Ralph Waldo Emerson?! It makes me ask questions of myself. Am I searching for something? Am I trying to escape my normal, daily grind, routine life? I guess I am. In […]

Re-establishing Our Travel Harmony

Re-establishing our Travel Harmony

Weekend Travel Inspiration – Anatole France Harmony, health, balance, zen. These are all things we are constantly trying to achieve. As teachers, Jim and I are on a strict schedule which thankfully allows us to indulge in our loves of […]

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