Chicken Paprikash and More - A Cooking Lesson in Budapest

Chicken Paprikash and More – A Cooking Lesson in Budapest

Anna greeted us at the door of the Chef Parade school where we were signed up to take our first Hungarian cooking lesson in Budapest. An inviting space, the school is split into two halves, one side kitchen and one side table. […]

Taking a Ride on the Children's Railway in Budapest

Taking a Ride on the Children’s Railway in Budapest

A Railway Ran by Kids? About four years ago, Devon read an article about Budapest and learned about a railway that was run entirely by children. Since then she has come to Europe quite a few times, but for some reason […]

Eastern Europe Train Trip

Riding the Rails in Eastern Europe – A Journal

The Romance of a Train Trip in 21 Days! Day 1 – We left Weiden at 8:00 in the morning, and used up the entire first day just riding the rails!  We traveled through Regensburg to Vienna, through the Czech Republic […]

Mont Blanc Sunset Travel 2012As the year 2012 was coming to a close, we gazed upon this gorgeous sunset over Mont Blanc, France. Thank you 2012!

Our Travel Delights of 2012…and Plans for 2013!!!

It’s the last day of December, and time to think about what we did during 2012 and make some plans for 2013.   Big Events: 1.  In June we moved from our home of four years, Ankara, to Schweinfurt, Germany.  […]


Vignette – A Must Have for Driving in (Parts of) Europe

Driving down the autobahn can be a freeing sensation, especially when you get to one of those few open stretches with no speed limits. But you won’t get that experience in many other countries then Germany. France and Italy, for […]

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