Cooking Lesson in Paris - Les Croissants!

A Cooking Lesson in Paris – Les Croissants! Voilà!

One of the problems with being a family of educators is that our travel times are pretty well set in stone, so with Devon and Erika visiting, we found ourselves headed to Paris in June. Many people will tell you Paris anytime […]

Enjoying the Love of Citrus at the Menton Lemon Festival

Enjoying the Love of Citrus at the Menton Lemon Festival

Last weekend we flew down to southern France to attend the famous Menton Lemon Festival. The weekend weather in the south of France was such a welcome respite from the bitter and rainy weather we’ve had in Germany the last […]

Carcassonne World Heritage

Carcassonne – A UNESCO World Heritage Site

A Fortified Medieval City to Get Your Imagination Working Overtime! Growing up, every child wants to explore or live in a castle. You would think that with so many castles and medieval towns that we wouldn’t get too excited when […]

Mont St. Michel – A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Iconically French, and a View to Charish – Mont St. Michel Sitting in my high school French class, I can remember struggling through a watered-down French version of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. The illustration on the well-worn soft cover was […]

Read: The Oysters of BelonBelon oysters are the Formule du Jour at Anne de Belon, in Belon France.

The Famous Oysters of Belon, France

Hunting the Elusive Belon Bivalves Sometimes inspiration for our travels comes from odd places. Other times that inspiration is as ordinary as can be. While we try to be leaders in the travel field, picking out new and exotic destinations […]

F is for France

F is for France (A-Z Blogging Challenge)

“I love Paris in the springtime.  I love Paris in the fall….”  These song lyrics written by Cole Porter couldn’t be truer.  What’s not to love?  And not just about Paris, about all of France! There’s something about the Eiffel […]

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