Eastern Europe

A Weekend Road Trip Through Astounding Albania

The Ultimate Albania Road Trip

Why?  Why is the question I hear the most. Our long weekend was upon us and my co-workers know that I’m going to go someplace. Where? Many would ask, and then their eyes glaze over at the answer, “Albania”, because […]

The Milk Machine of Ljubljana

The Milk Machine of Ljubljana Slovenia

The amazing milk machine of Ljubljana  Have you ever had a craving for something you knew you just could’t get?  Or fixated on the perfect example of something knowing that it couldn’t possibly happen? For example the perfect piece of […]

Painted Gate in Moldova

Moldova Gate

Moldova has the prettiest gates! Especially in the beginning of winter, Moldova can be a bit barren and colorless. The fields are brown, the leaves have all blown away, and it’s cold. It feels cold and looks cold! So when […]

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