All The Incredible Food We Ate in Skåne, Sweden

All The Incredible Food We Ate in Skåne, Sweden

I never knew that Sweden, and especially the Skåne region, would have such an abundance of amazing food. I had grown up eating a few Swedish staples, like pickled herring and buttered flat bread, but I had no idea what […]

My First Love – Traditional German Schnitzel and a Recipe!

Traditional German Schnitzel Recipe

What is schnitzel? Well, if you’ve never been to Germany or Austria you may not be familiar with this meat dish. It is a flat, breaded and fried slice of pure goodness, one of my most favorite foods in the […]

A Taste of the Philippines – Balut

  If you have visited the Philippines you have no doubt heard of Balut. It is a nearly developed duck fetus that is boiled and eaten out of the shell.  I wanted to try one, but really had no idea […]

Turkey is a Vegetarian’s Destination!

Vegetarian Food in Turkey

In a land where the best known dishes are Doner Kebab, meat on a pole, many people often think that no Turkish food is vegetarian, but it’s just not true.  Don’t get me wrong, the Turks love their meat!  I […]

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