Tacoma Street Art!

Tacoma – Worth the Stop!

Have you been to Tacoma?  No?  You flew into Sea-Tac on your way to the great city of Seattle, where you have a list of things to do: see the troll, visit the Seattle Tower, and go to a pub or two for some good grub and music…right?  You never looked south of the airport, to the second half of the name…”Tac” for Tacoma.  Not many people do.

Tacoma Street Art

The truth is, Tacoma is a really nice little city.  After it’s crime boom in the 1990’s, the city got pro-active and decided to renovate, re-brand, and re-make itself into a hip, fun, town center with beautiful brick buildings, lending it such a retro vibe.  Tacoma has museums, a university, great restaurants, and a vibrant night scene.  As you walk its hilly streets, you will notice the abundance of colorful street art, and that is just the beginning.

Enjoy this collection of Tacoma street art.

Tacoma Street Art

Tacoma Street Art Tacoma Street Art Tacoma Street Art Tacoma Street Art Tacoma Street Art Tacoma Street Art Tacoma Street Art Tacoma Street Art Tacoma Street Art Tacoma Street Art

Give Tacoma a try.  It’s not all just pretty on the surface. It’s a pretty nice little city.

Which photo did you like the most?  Will you go to Tacoma next time you fly through Sea-Tac?

Tacoma Street Art Tacoma Street Art

9 thoughts on “Tacoma Street Art!”

  1. The street art is gorgeous, Corinne!! Though it’s really darkly painted I like the one in the parking lot because of the person in the top hat! And yes I’ve been to Tacoma a couple of times :)

  2. These murals make me think of murals in my native city of Warsaw, and of course The Berlin Wall. It’s amazing how talented some people are and are willing to share their talent for free, with others. I think I like most of these, and they certainly make the city more interesting and colorful.

  3. LOL – I never really thought about what the TAC stood for when I flew into the airport and headed for Seattle. Nice photos. The colorful street art reminds me a bit of Berlin.

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