Sunset on Morocco

Sunset on Morocco

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I love traveling in winter when the sun sets before it’s time to go to dinner.  It’s great to be able to enjoy the full spectrum of colors, then go in and taste the amazing dishes of each country.  A Morocco sunset is one for the bucket list! The skies are yellow, pink, purple, and deep colors of magenta. I liken this to their colorful spice displays featuring saffron, pickled lemon, coriander, cumin, and ginger.  As we traveled around this exotic North African country, we made sure walk the city walls or go out to the beach at night to enjoy the daily light show.  The sunsets were amazing.  Here are the top five from our visit.Sunset on Morocco, El Jadida's complete with stone walls and canal

Top 5 Moroccan Sunsets

El Jadida

Number One is the ever-stunning El Jadida.  The whole city lit up in an orange and pink glow.  The port area, where the docked red boats lay upside down told us not only was it time for bed, but it was winter.  Take it easy.  Relax!

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Sunset on Morocco, Marrakesh with a silhouetted mosque tower


Number two was our very first night in Morocco as we marveled at the sights in the market square.  Right before the sun started to set, the people came out.  People from all walks of life, poor and rich alike found their way to the square either to sell or to buy something.  We feasted at the food stalls as well as on the beautiful sights.

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Sunset on Morocco, in the High Atlas Mountains

High Atlas Mountains

Number three happened while we were in transit. We drove all over the country, and one evening when we were almost to the place we were staying the night, we turned around to see this view following us.  It was an amazing show of swirling clouds drenched in a strawberry lemonade sky, silhouetting the Atlas mountains.  I’m not sure we were driving very safe since we just could not get enough of the view, even after we’d stopped and snapped a few shots.

Sunset on Morocco, over the Pacific ocean coast in Essaouira


Number four was probably the most crowded sunset we watched.  Hanging over the fortress walls in Essaouira with every tourist and local who was in town that night didn’t make it the most romantic night, but the beauty was hard to forget.  I had just propped up my camera on the wall when a busload of Italian high school students started clambering all over to get a good view.  I had elbows and legs dangling all around me, but they didn’t bother the camera and I happily got many shots as the sun sunk into the sea.

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Sunset on Morocco, over the ancient Roman Ruins of Volubilis


My last sunset is probably my favorite of the entire trip.  We were traipsing all over the Roman ruins of Volubilis, and we had only made it about half way when the sky started darkening and turning beautiful shades of orange.  I was afraid that at any moment the guards were going to usher us out, but instead we were allowed to watch the entire sunset.  I couldn’t believe it, and the views were amazing.  Those Romans knew just what they were doing.

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Don’t you just love a gorgeous sunset?  What are some of your favorites from your travels?

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Sunset on Morocco

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  1. jenny@atasteoftravel says:

    I enjoyed your paragraph about likening the colours of the sunset to the spices of Morocco…such a true and vivid description. The sunsets you witnessed were indeed beautiful. Some of my favourite sunsets have been in Broome in the north of Western Australia. The colours seem to match the red rocks of the Kimberley!

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