Sunday’s Travel Inspiration (Mongolia)

Travel Inspiration Mongolia

I’m not really sure why we stopped here in the middle of the steppes of Mongolia. Our driver, Jack, was pretty good at not smoking in the van so we thought we were just pulling off the track for a short smoke break. But the break became longer and longer as Jack and the driver from the second van discussed the news of the day (I guess). It was a pretty rare occurence, crossing paths with another van, so I figured that must have been how they found about traffic(?), weather, road (?) closures, who knows? We never did find out, Jack just climbed back in and away we went across the grass.

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Luckily, we weren’t in charge of finding our way that day!  But, I do so love getting off the beaten path and maybe a little lost.  It’s where you find the best experiences!

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M is for Mongolia


    1. Adam, We went to Mongolia, because we love getting out of the cities and seeing the countryside. I love getting to know the people that inhabit the land. It’s just my kind of place. Does that help? On our site we have more info on Mongolia for you to check out.

  1. LOL – that photo doesn’t look like such a great place to get lost – in terms of “best experiences.” However, I would love to go to Mongolia some day.

  2. Mongolia … Never been there – but will do some reading on it now … fascinating place I think – I also enjoy exploring countrysides and nature:-)

    1. Hi Sarah! Don’t despair those countries are pretty awesome, too! Mongolia, if you get out of the city is roughing it…but I loved every minute of it! Have fun!

  3. It looks like the people in the photo are pointing and saying, “Maybe that way?” I’ll have to click back through some of you other Mongolia posts. My friend used to live there, and I always wondered what it is like.

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