Street Food Vendor Hanoi, Vietnam

Street Food! My Favorite!

Places like Hanoi, where street food vendors carry full meals through the streets, it’s hard not to try some. My body reacts just like Pavlov’s dog, and before you know it there go a few dong!

Street Vendor Hanoi

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Why is it that when you are traveling it’s sometimes so difficult to find a sit-down restaurant where you can get good home-cooked food? Traditional, “I eat it everyday” kind of food? That’s what I’m always on the lookout for, the experience of the everyday.

I do not want to go to a new country and have the same pizza, spaghetti, hamburgers, and steaks that I can get anywhere.  I want what the delivery man or policeman stops and picks up somewhere on his route.  Why doesn’t someone make an app for that?  They can call it “Working Stiff’s Lunch” app!  I would buy it.  Those blue-collar workers know exactly where to find the best food at the best prices, right?!

When I get to a new place, city, I ask around.  Where can I get the best meal, home-cooked, no tourist menu meal?  Sometimes I get a good answer, if I can convince them that I don’t want an expensive meal.  I just want the local (insert food choice) joint.  Yes, I use a couple of apps to help.  We use Yelp! in Europe, because that seems to be where the Europeans write their reviews, and we if that falls through we use TripAdvisor.  The problem with the latter is that tourists are writing the reviews, and although the food is generally tasty, it’s not necessarily the exact “local” food I’m looking for.

Has anyone else run into this phenomenon?  How lucky are you at finding those cheap whole-in-the-wall, down-home, good ol’ home cooking restaurants?



  1. This is a real problem if a place is touristy then the locals tend to make business and therefore serve what they expect tourists to like. I think the best way to food-travel is with a real local who speak like them and dress like them. They can guide you where you want to go and help you see past the tourist facade of a place. Let’s all make friends around the world… there should be a social network for that where locals and expats can offer to help newcomers discover the real essence of a place… Corinne I know how much you love a project… you could make us an app or a the new travel-facebook. Let us know when it’s up and running lol

  2. Yup, finding good home-cooked food kind of restaurants is difficult while traveling. But you know what? I found one in Sydney – by the name of Thousand Indian Spices. They served yummy Indian cuisine. I can’t believe I had my stuffed parathas in Australia and too super delicious ones!

    1. Renuka, I’m always on the lookout for good Indian food, too. The problem is wherever I go they look at me and see think I can’t handle any spice. I have to convince them to spice it up a little!

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